Saturday, 15 September 2012

How many men does it take to............

Good grief these Olympics have been over simply ages so why, oh why has it taken sooooo long to rid our streets of all the detritus? Public transport still diverted, can't walk here, can't walk there, diversions, jobsworths directing you etc, etc. It is worse than when they were actually doing it ! I tell you for those of us who had no interest it has been a regular pain-in-the-arse!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Picture this.........

Well that was a surprise. A private viewing at the Menier Gallery. Invited by our friends one of whom was exhibiting we arrived. As madam spotted them across the room I saw one of her paintings. "I can see them" says madam and I say "and I can see someone else". Yes it was us in the painting, a total surprise ! Fabulous !!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Busy, busy

Well its was off to Brighton, fabulosa day. We find Get Cutie and are a trfile unerwhelmed. The fabrics are fab but the frocks are so simply made and no lining whatsover. Nice but vastly overpriced for what they are. The material shop was little better, yes they sell some of the fabrics we want but none in stock. Luckily madam has found somewhere in Durham that sells what we want online. We pay a visit to the lads in Wildcat, ooo must be two years since we've been there.
We take a little delicious lunch at Giraffe and then its off to FabricLand where of course madam find some fabric, well she can't go home empty handed can she.

Wednesday post North Circular flood hiatus we are off to Bicester Outlet Shopping Village. Madam's first shop was a disappointment, Church's shoe shop. Very upmarket mens and ladies 'sensibe' shoes. A pair she wanted desperately they didn't have in her size. But the Ann effect came early. As we entered Church's the guy on the door said good morning........... ladies LOL. Madam said to me I dunno there is something about you isn't there? tee hee. I wouldn't mind but I was in drab my dears.
So we went from shop to shop, most disappointed with Versache, nothing outrageous and nothing that tickled my fancy, just as well at their prices. Off to Wolford's a fab plain LBD but at £95...... a gorgeous red body but that was even more ! Then it happened, Ted Baker. I know, I know. We looked around the shop, a couple of fab skirts but too expensive for a skirt and couldn't find anything I liked until we were leaving, on a model in the window. She loved it and I couldn't find it in the shop. Aaaaanyway as we made our way to the door she spotted it and in my size so yes I got it. Glad in a way as I saw sooo much after that it would have been impossible to make up my mind but having bought that I couldn't afford anything else.
Well there was three wonderful frocks in Matthew Williamson's absolute dreams, then there were another three in Karen Millen, one a floaty number is bright, bright yellow. But as I said to madam, it was one of those things while you are in the shop you go yes, yes, yes and once outside you think well it is fab but where and when would I wear it. Disappointed with Valentino's, nothing I fancied, Hobb's the same. Madam got a lovely frock in Coast and I could have a couple there too. Two wonderful ones in Alexander McQueen but at over £1K I don't think so. Nothing much in Jimmy Choo shoe shop, there never is. Nothing caught my eye in DKNY or Dolce and Gabbana except a fabulous short winter coat, white with a brown and white real fur collar but again over £1K. Went into L.K. Bennet, they had a fab frock but money had been spent. Nothing in Reiss. A gorgeous red leather handbag in Smythson but that was £375 down from £850.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Baaaa LAM

Well off we went to The London Alternative Market today. Very quiet when we arrived but buzzing by the time we left, surprising really what with the London Fetish Weekend next month. The lovely D of Second Coming had managed to sell something of mine which allowed me to give some money back and get a rather nice red satin waist cincher.

Looks like a hectic week this week, a visit to Brighton for material from Ditto Fabrics and a visit to Get Cutie luckily both in the same street. Of course there will have to be the obligatory visit to those weirdo's at Wildcat and that Andy better not be on a day off !

Madame and I shall be making a visit later in the week to Bicester Shopping Village where if my luck is in will bring me one of two lush frocks.