Wednesday, 5 September 2018


So last Tuesday we took ourselves orf to spend a couple of days away and stay with friends in Brighton. Well it got slightly extended and we came home on Sunday. This was mainly driven by the fact we were running out of clothes and especially underwear.
Of course we consuted the weather and packed cardigans and wore jackets for the train journey down there. Oh dear that was a mistake, we didn't need them at all. Ah well.
Wednesday we visit the far end of town, a fabric shop but nothng for us so we stroll back into town along the front. Thursday we visit another three fabric shops but find nothing to tickle our collective fancy.
Thursday we spot a rather nice frock in a little shop, pop in and find it is not large enough but are more than rewarded by the handbags they had. Obviously we had to have one.... each.
Friday is a potter about day and afternoon tea at MetroDeco a lovely if rather trendy cafe with a selection of teas to suit all tastes, my particular favourite being Terracotta Sunburst.  We finish the day off with cocktails at The Grand and a nightcap at Legends. 
Saturday we decided to take a bus and visit Eastbourne somewhere I hadn't been since I was about 5 years old. I hate to say it but it is more of a quintesential seaside town than Brighton which lives up to a reputation. A real kiss me quick noisy London by the sea.


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