Friday, 22 June 2012

Well the will to post regularly soon waned didn't it.
Being retired means I'm busier than when I was at work ! So many things to do. The hall, landing and stairs are now decorated but so much left to do.
Adventures out continue apace. Both Stephanie and I are constantly amazed and pleased at the reception we get out and about. My own latest adventure took me shopping. Shopping? Is that all? Well I was alone, it was my local Tesco, the one I use every week, such a liberating feeling, wiggling my way round pushing my trolley then trundling across the car park and off for a couple of hours wandering around Brent Cross shopping centre. It all left me a trifle emotional.
Four consecutive days 'dressed' this week, fabulous. Monday was for some photo's, Tuesday the shopping trip and photo's then Wednesday and Thursday Stephanie came over. Wednesday we took ourselves off to a local gardens for some photo's and returned for more in the garden. Thursday morning we continued and then took ourselves to Brent Cross for our usual troll round. I must admit the more we are out and about the more relaxed we have both got