Saturday, 11 June 2016


The end of March was my last posting and that was a draft and not posted until today.  Good grief, still busy, busy, busy. Obviously I have been out here there and everywhere and it is far easier to drown you all pictorially than to put it into words.
We have had the builders in next door ripping the place apart until... it stopped, suddenly. Mmmm seems they never got permission but I expect 'the developer' will get retrospective permission.
I on the other hand have had a bad case of the decorating bug. It all started with converting the box room into a sewing room for madame including laying a wooden laminate floor, well there has to be a first time for everything. Aaaanyway it has turned into a mammoth exercise and resulted in the whole house being done, an absolute fortune in paint I can tell you.
Our long term love afair with the fetish scene seems to be fading, so many clubs closing, not from a lack of 'customers' but from places to hold them in. So many have disappeared in the gentrification explosion and others being protective of their licences. Still with the closing of the Black Cap in Camden we have now taken to going to The Bloc Bar just around the corner from Camden Station in Kentish Town Road, a gay bar managed by the ex-manager of the Black Cap so plenty of drag shows and a lovely crowd.