Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oh my days forgot

Of course you don't know do you. Well my daughter does security in lock 17 in Camden and at the Black Cap. The other week there just happened to be an event at the Black Cap where she provided security for one of the performers, Bianca Del Rio, the winner of Rue Paul's Drag Race 2014. We managed not only to attend but got VIP meet and greet tickets too. Such a lovely 'girl'. The show was fabulous and we managed a chat with her and got to meet the Family Fierce. Madame had gone the previous week and got to meet Bianca and she wants us all to meet up the next time she is over. Although there were many compliments on the night the best came from Bianca.... there is a word for people like you.... popular :-)

Oh my, oh my, oh my

Goodness me nothing since Pride, almost a month how remiss of me. Well I suppose it would be best if I work backwards then I might be able to remember things. Not a lot happened this week, no visit from Stephanie as she was busy with home type things. Thursday saw the lucious Penny and Dave come to dinner, unfortunately Natacha didn't come as she hasn't tried travelling and quite honestly I think she made the right decision. As I said to Dave sitting on the underground in that heat having your makeup slide down your face is not a good look and they had been out and about all day. A nice cool salmon salad starter followed by lamb tagine with fresh fruit and creme fraich was a little off diet but nothing compared to the following day.
A lovely lunch on Wednesday I think it was, with Abigail who I used to work with and Madame and the daughter joined us as it was her birthday the following day. The new comfy sandals, a white with black leaf design frock and the white summery wide brimmed hat and of course the Dior sunglases completed my outfit oh and of course the Lulu Guinness patent handbag.

A nice pub in London Colney, The Colney Fox. Of course the whole thing was soo off diet it wasn't true. Battered Mushrooms, Chicken Breast in a bun with BBQ sauce (a little dry for my taste) and Churros and ice cream with caramel sauce, still it only put on a pound which soon came off again. Lovely chats and gossips but we have both left our common place of work there is no gossip from that direction as we have no contact with anyone from there. Anyway it just happened that there is an outlet centre a coouple of hundred yards down the road and we popped in there on the way home. A nice couple of frocks in New Look suprisingly enough, in their sale, so that was two summery frocks for £25.

The week before Stephanie and I decided to take a walk, oh dear that turned into a bit of a hike, all 4.5 miles of it. Beatiful sunshine we met up at Baker Street Station and walked up to Regent's Park, through the park to the Inner Circle and I found the park within a park that I'd lost ages ago. After a few photo's in there it was back into the park and down the Broadwalk to the Marylebone Road taking a cycling accident along the way. One cyclist turning right without indicating and the other trying to overtake her. Well he gave her a nice lecture. Across the Marylebone Road into Park Crescent and down Portland Place, Langham Place and into Regent's Street turned left into Great Castle Street and right into Great Portland Street into Oxford Street. We strolled along Oxford Street and turned right into Poland Street, partook of lunch there and carried on down to Great Marlborough Street where we turned right and onto Carnaby Street, down there into Kingley Court which has become almost exclusively eateries and back out again and turned left into Beak Street and right into Upper James St to Golden Square, across the square and left into Brewer Street, across Wardour Sreet and into Old Compton Street then right into Charing Cross Road. We strolled down until we got to Cranboune St and into Leicester Square, had a little sit down then a diagonal walk across the square into Swiss Court and into Coventry St to Picadilly Circus and up Regent Street for a walk around Hamley's as Stephanie was after looking at something. We left there and continued up Regent Street to Hanover St, into Hanover Square then Harewood St into Oxford Street and thence the bus home. Phew 4.5 miles and all this in a new pair of sandals by Gabor for the first time of wearing. Quite the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought.
The previous week was the London Fetish Fair. A lovely hot day made all the worse by some sporting event which extended our journey by an hour ! A rather nice What Katie Did black and white spotted basque and matching thong and clear silly shoes and that was it basically which went down rather well :-)

I did rather pig-out for lunch opting for a baguette with fried egg, three rashers of bacon and a sausgage !. Had lovely chats with Master Keith and Joy. Wished the lovely D a happy birthday and a nice catch up with Jed Pheonix. The previous week was the London Alternative Market which we didn't go to as we were sans Penny and Natacha and Russell, shame but money saved.
The other week Madame and I dropped off two latex skirts at House of Harlot, to be altered, too big on the hips. This Saturday we went off to collect them. Luckily we are the same size so the skirts fit us both. We take breakfast in Baker Street and have a wander in Selfridges and make our way over to Harlot via Spitalfields Market and a quick chat with Lulu with her hats. Leaving Harlot madame says she requires lunch so we partake of an Indian in Brick Lane.