Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another week another....

Another week goes by and another birthday... mine ! A new Phase Eight frock which to be honest I got to wear before my birthday at the last Magic Theatre, a new necklace, bangles, a new camera bag that doesn't scream camera bag and a new latex outfit !

So off we trot Saturday afternoon to Dolenta and Breathless to collect the new latex outfit. Madame, son and I (in male mode). As we arrive on the overground platform I espy the nutter who once he spots us follows us down the platform. I am unaware as I have my back to him until I hear his mumblings. It seems he objects to my appearance. We are not sure whether he has a 'problem' or is pissed or both. Aaaaanyway he is ignored and our train comes and on he gets and proceeds to sit with us continuing his disapproval for 15 minutes. We arrive at St Pancras and get off and so does he although he has no idea of where he is. Owing to his condition he has no chance of keeping up with us so we leave him to his ramblings although the son does make station staff aware of him in case there is further problems. Just as well I wasn't 'dressed' but then again I would not have gone that way if I had been.

We arrive at Dolenta's shop and I try on the outfit, perfect and we get on with the serious subject of gossiping. It is now about 6.30 so I say to madame that's it is a bit late to go home and cook so why don't we eat out. Mmmm unbeknown to me there is a plan afoot. Beans spilt we shut the shop and are off to a Tapas place just off the Pentonville road Camino and very nice it was, even including the mass rendition of happy birthday.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Been and gone

So madame's birthday has passed, a new necklace, hat for her hols and a corset. Mine this week !!! Saturday saw us off to what could prove to be the last Subversion. So many club venues are closing to make way for yet more upmarket flats, so sad. Edgy London? You must be joking its dying on it knees. It seems if it isn't mainstream then it has no place anymore.
Aaaanyway madame had a new military outfit for Subversion and I dragged out the yellow frock again. That of course will now have to go to the end of the queue, well it has been seen twice now. My new outfit should be ready this weekend... or not. Well I have been waiting for months, deliveries of the leopardskin latex have been delayed apparently. Luckily madame and I are now the same size so we can share even more.

Nice surprise today, well it would have been sooner if I had opened the envelope (raises eyes) so we will get the cheque paid in tomorrow which alleviate financial embaressment.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lovely day out yesterday with madame and friends Claire and Conrad. A trip to the Tower of London. Well you have these things on your doorstep and never visit do you. It must be at least 30 years since I have been. Not particularly cheap even with a concession, but still a nice day out. Fabulous lunch at Ping Pong in St Catherines Dock. This was followed by a stroll over Tower Bridge and along the south bank to London Bridge and around Borough Market with their bewildering array of diet busting goodies.