Sunday, 29 September 2013

Having a fit

A nice lunch out yesterday, not en femme but hey you can't have everything. Semi-country pub and you know what these faux countryside people are like. Well I don't mind the weird looks etc but I don't see why those in whose company I am should have to put up with it. Aaaaanyay a well off diet meal, so far off it was almost criminal but then again we all deserve a treat now and then and we did manage to refuse a sweet, just the two courses.
Sooo post lunch we call in at some retail park 'cos they have an absolutely humungeous M&S. I got myself a leopardskin top to go with the jacket and madame bought me a rather nice jumper :-) All of which of course begged a photo session this morning.

While madame goes off to collect the leopardskin jacket from M&S I think its about time some other discarded items were given an airing and what do you know, they fit too ! All this dieting really does pay dividends :-)

I had, over the previous weeks done other photo sessions, mainly to see what went with what.