Sunday, 29 June 2014

Dampen the spirits?

Well yesterday was London Pride. Off we set nice and early but not early enough to be thrown off the bus in the Marylebone Road. We walk down Baker Street to Pret, take breakfast and saunter down to M&S and I find just the right bikini for myself, unfortunately not in my size so we order when we get home. Madame gets herself a fab leather frock in the sale which suits her to a T and we both get various items of lingerie. A wander through Selfridges just to waste time and thence down to the other M&S where nothing takes our fancy. By this time its nearly time to get a spot for the parade and the sky gets darker and darker. We elect that maybe it would be a good idea to get kunch and find a nice Italian in Blenheim St. As we take lunch the heavens open. Post lunch it cheers up a bit and as we can hear the parade we make our way to Oxford St and manage to find an unobstructed spot at the front. Thinking we had missed most of the parade and thinking we could see the end by Selfridges we decide to cut across country to see it all again. Amazingly we find another spot in Regent Street, at the front and under cover to see... nothing. The parade has halted at Oxford Circus and we will see it from the beginning ! We wait for about ten minutes and the parade starts again and goes past us. Well after nearly two hours only the dregs are left and we go but not after I see I've taken over 300 pictures and we make our weary if damp way home.