Saturday, 30 March 2013

Still bleurgh

Still decidedly yuk. Well off really. The antibiotics have worked their wonders but still listless and totally knackered and thankfully a reduced appetite so everything has an upside.

Hopefully I will have recovered enough for dinner tomorrow night with PFK, Sarah, Dolenta and Andy, at least we don't have to travel too far.

The best news of the week has to be the return of Club-Rub to Dukes! It is so nice when something returns to its spiritual home but will it live up to its former glory? I'd love it to happen but somehow I doubt it. I did notice though that a strict dresscode will be enforced, thank goodness, must have something to do with the success of Kim's other venture, Rubbercult.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Oh my I am suffering, illness fills my body and makes my joints creak. It seems that this afternoon a rather energetic bout of coughing made me black out ! All I remember is sitting there coughing and then being on my knees on the floor having headbutted the wife's knee and I have the bruise to prove it ! It seems sitting is the worst position for this activity. Was supposed to be at the Magic Theatre tonight but what with this illness and the thought of being snowbound we binned the idea.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

On a lighter note

Well what with one thing and another their arrival has totally slipped my mind. Yes the tickets for the Berlin Fetish Weekend hath arrived, hurrah !

So sad

Well still no news of what happened but the death of corsetiere Velda Lauda at the weekend has to be one of life's low points. With no announcement of what caused her demise rumours are of course rife, all of which are totally unfounded and until the post mortem no one knows, anything. She was a friend of many years and may she rest in peace.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Oh no it isn't

You might have read in my previous post about our visit to the V&A, well I've just had a read of the V&A blurb about the cafeteria........ intended as a showpiece of modern design, craftsmanship and manufacturing. All I can say is... they are definteley not. Its was dire, well to us it was. How can I put it... drab. On a par with a works canteen, yes works canteen not staff my dears. Its just so dreary, not so much dark as dingy and utilitarian. Quite similar with Tate Britain but then they are undergoing refurbishment and are in temporary accommodation. Mind you their attempt at a coffee type bar in the foyer is nothing to write home about either.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back again

Well off we set bound for the V&A again. That place is sooo huge, we keep finding things we have not seen and still haven't gone further than the second floor! Hardly a flicker of recognition today, yes we got 'spotted' a few times but hardly at all. Mind you us taking a shortcut through the cafeteria got us spotted all right. Not so much a walk though more a case of stand back flouncing tranny sweeping through. Of course there was the two white van men on our way home but then again I did lock eye contact with the idiot passenger.

I suppose it is because we are all different but I just don't need this community thing. You know only going to places and mixing with people with the same interests or ways of life. Of course there are circumstances and activities which require this but not to exclusion of all else. I just don't get it, its a big, big world out there so why restrict yourself? Since going out in my other persona I now feel I really am a bit turned off by t-girl only events. Even fetish events are becoming all the same. If you want to get accepted then you have to advertise yourself, put in an appearance, otherwise no one will know you exist. The more you get seen the more you become.... everyday and more or less ignored, just another face in the crowd. Or is it that secretly what you want, to be pointed at, laughed at and ridiculed? Some do, I know they do, they just love to be part of an oppressed minority and they wear their badge with great pride.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Fleeting glimpses

Well I made it. The V&A with camera. Miles of traipsing around finding new things here and there and only two floors partially completed !

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wonders will never cease

A family outing. Yes the clan meets, well it was mothers day and with three mothers in the family it had to be done. We meet up at a local hostelry with due trepidation, well it was a Harvester (shudder). The most remarkable thing was with nine members of the family gathered together we managed an evening without an argument !! My dears this is a remarkable achievement as any one who has endured a Christmas with us will testify!

Monday see me attempting to visit the V&A. I leave home at about 9 and lo there is a bus. I board the same and off we go, for a while. Traffic causes us to halt and we creep along for about half a mile before a full stop and the driver announces in two stops the bus will turn round. Blast. Off I get and decide that this is a total waste of my time. It is bloody freezing, blowing a gale and it is snowing so I cross the road and catch a bus home and warmth.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Sometimes I wonder how I do it. All this gadding about here there and everywhere at my age. Brent Cross today, all the best shops. L.K. Bennett, Karen Millen, Hobbs, Reiss, Fenwicks, John Lewis. Everyone is so nice to us, conversations, hello's goodbyes, its wonderful. I even get asked if I want to help Stephanie when she tries on a frock in Monsoon, most unexpected. Oh we could have spent an absolute fortune. Beautiful frocks begging us to buy them, shoes to die for. The total delight of course had to be THE most beautiful assistant in MAC. There are pretty girls, lovely girls and there are the rare ones that the only response can be a sharp intake of breath.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sisters, sisters......

Well it was off to the dear old V&A again today, with a plan. Yes no more meandering aimlessly.

Aaaanyway we left home and bussed it up to Selfridges, popped into M&S for a totally scrumptious chicken BLT and coffee then caught the bus over to the V&A.
This time we limit ourselves to the ground floor. Chinese and Japanese, Medieval and Renaissance and the cast court. At least we looked at exhibits properly, unlike last time which was more of a whirlwind tour.
My goodness we get some looks but nothing can compare to the Italian woman who gave us a smile that lit up the room and totally lovely museum worker that insisted she took our picture.

An altogether thoroughly enjoyable day.

Monday, 4 March 2013


Well the sun came out today ! Filled with the joys of spring I actually ventured into the garden and did a little light gardening no less. Nothing too strenuous of course.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Like a lamb to the LAM

So off we trot to the London Alternative Market (LAM) today to meet up with Natacha and Penny. I wasn't too sure about the outfit but going by my reception I made the right choice :-)

It is a shame that these types of events appear to be on the wane. Less and less vendors chasing less and less customers, of course it might be a sign of the times but somehow I don't think so. Still it was nice to catch up with friends.

Yesterday sees us paying a birthday visit to Dolenta, a lovely afternoon drinking Cava and eating chocolate cake and Japanese chocolates, white with a freeze dried strawberry inside.... YUM and much sillyness winding up with the four of us inviting ourselves to another friend for dinner Friday. It seems PFK and Hannah have booked for Berlin and the German Fetish Ball so on our return home we book ourselves into the same hotel.