Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Goodness me

Goodness gracious it been ages since I posted anything, how time flies. Well I 'spose the best way is to work backwards to a point where I can't remember.

Yesterday (Tuesday) wa a trip out. Madame was busy so I took advantage and went out myself in red and black jumper and my new black and white hairy coat, nice thick black tights for warmth with the new mini kilt which madame had made for me and the Dune suede boots. Off on the bus and off at Pret in Baker Street where I'm now well known :-) Post Pret breakfast and thanks to the traffic I managed to keep up with the 74 bus and catch it outside Selfridges and it was off to the V&A. A lovely stroll around the V&A although slight disappointment finding that while they said the cast courts had reopened there still was one part closed for refurbishment. In fact there is quite a lot in the V&A closed off because of the reconstruction work. They seem to be spending massive amounts of money on new additions while many galleries are in dire need of updating especially in the display of items. Most disappointing is the silver gallery, it is so depressing. Aaaanyway stroll finished it is off for a quick tour of Harrods. Again a part of woman's fashions under reconstruction, not my day was it. I don't know but I am quite put off by Harrods, it just seem to exist for tourists these days. Quick tour finished its on the 74 bus back to Oxford St. As we round Marble Arch we are right behind my bus and of course I miss it at the next stop so I decide a look in Selfridges only find my bus about to do its turn round so its back to the stop and five minutes later I'm homeward bound. A quick lunch and I'm off again to Brent Cross in the afternoon and coffee and a bun in John Lewis where I am getting quite well known.

The week before sees me out again, Oxford Street of course. Breakfast in Pret and then a walk round M&S then opposite into Selfridges which is quite my favourite store, its light and airy. Having window shopped thousands of pounds then its out and onward. I call into Elliot Rhodes our favourite belt shop in St Chrisopher's Place to see our friend Vlatko who has neve seen me 'dressed' and he just doesn't twig until I come up to the counter and have to out myself. His face is a picture and he holds my hands and just says fabulous, fabulous !!. Then its off to Boots by Bond Street where I get clocked by an assistant, "well hello" they say with a lovely smile, so I return the greeting and smile which seems to make his day then its off to John Lewis for a stroll round.

The week before I am out a couple of days with madame on the Paddington Bear hunt around Paddington itself and then over to the city. The other days she is gadding about I am of course out and about, including Liberty's ;-)

We are now into jumbled memories so forgive me if things get out of sequence. The week previous, around the middle of November Stephanie and I are having a professional photoshoot. I meet Stephanie in Pret feeling a little naked with little makeup on.
We arrive at the photo studio and while the girls are doing our nails and makeup I get complimented on my nails and eyelashes and then she says and we have all seen your legs !! We have a fab time only marred when they tell us how much it would be if we had all the prints, £5,120 !! Needless to say we didn't take them up on that but did spend just about all the money we had. Nicest compliment came when I got home. Madame looked at the pictures appreciatively and said she preferred the way I did my owm makeup :-)

Monday saw madame and I off to Westfield at Stratford, she is after a pair of Timberland boots that are an Office special. We have tried various Office branches without success so she settles for a different colour. Apart from some makeup that is all we manage to buy thank goodness.
Saturday it is off to The Old Crown pub in New Oxford Street for the London Fetish Scene reunion. Unusually madame doesn't seem to mind being out with me 'dressed'. We travel down to Tottenham Court Road about 2.00pm and walk down to the pub returning about 9.00 including a meal. She is pleasantly surprised that I draw no attention. My goodness prices in tourist areas are a little steep, a large Rose wine and a coke is just short of £10 !!. A fab time catching up with old friends. Quite a few turned up, well over 30 of us.
Friday was a mega window shopping day, we had gone out to get the above boots but were unsucessful. Arriving at Pret in Baker St about 9.30 am we got home around 6.30 pm totally shattered! I did however stock up on makeup.
Thursday I'm off out with Stephanie. No Sarah so take ourselves off to the British Museum for a wander then off to lunch at Pizza Express in Marylebone High St as I have a 25% off voucher then a wander around Selfridges.
Wednesday sees the return of madame who has been off to see a friend for 11 days. This of course meant I had spend the whole time dressed, a real treat. It was really nice to be out almost every day.