Tuesday, 30 April 2013

And there's more........

Not three but FOUR !!!

Busy, busy, busy

Well a what a busy day. Take the daughter to Uni at 6.30 in the am. Back by 7.30. Have a potter around and have breakfast then its off to joy of joys, Tesco. Back home and put it all away then off to Kings Cross and Dolenta. Walking towards the shop I see Anna. Ah how to approach her, this is Kings Cross after all so no appearing beside her with a naughty greeting. LOL
We walk to the shop to find..... Dolenta in residence! It seems dear Dolenta will be on the move as the shop is disintegrating with subsidence causing cracks in the walls! A gossip and cuddles and I pick madame's gloves and I'm homeward bound by 11.30 to await the British Gas who arrive post lunch.

Monday, 29 April 2013


Went into the kitchen to make a drink and there in the garden is mother fox and her three cubs. Couldn't stop watching them dashing around playing :-)

All change

Well the best laid plans of mice etc. The timetable for this week has gone by the board. At least I've sorted through the rubber clothes although I'm almost certain of what I'm taking. Today was rubber washing and polishing for madame. Tentative plans for tomorrow are taking the daughter to Uni at some ungodly hour, shopping then off to Dolenta's oh and the gas board are coming to fix the timer clock. I wonder which of these won't happen?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Well after a days delay it was try the outfits day yesterday. Ooooof, all that corset tightening takes it out on a girls arms I can tell you, nine of them, one after the other. Aaaanyway all I can say is....... I know what I'm not wearing. The diamante one needs some replacements glued on if I'm to wear it. Of course the pleated skirt outfits are for the expo not the ball.

Today I shall peruse the rubber options and perhaps do some pics on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are fully booked. Charles Fox is beckoning as I need some foundation as the current one is too, well..... suntanned and I prefer the pale look. Tuesday is more mundane, shopping Tesco stylee and a trip to Brent Cross for lippy and other holiday makeup essentials.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Its a hard life but then someone has to do it

I think I may do some pictures tomorrow. Well my excuse is trying every outfit possible for Berlin. Its not just what fits but what goes with what and what they look like. I don't mind a corset open at the back but only by two or three inches and some look better than others. Plus of course we have sooo many corsets and in various sizes. Of course Murphy's law will prevail and the favourites will be the ones that are not suitable.
The fact is it is such an awful drag getting the slap on, clambering in and out of clothes, pulling on corset laces until your fingers complain and the fact you can't breathe if they are tied properly isn't enough you have pictures to take as well! Oh such is the life of a naughty girl ;-)

On a lighter note, whilst standing the kitchen the other morning at some god awful hour I espy a young fox, it trots round the garden then scoots off. Well this evening, about dusk it is there again and then mum shows up too. They both look in excellent condition, aaaanyway they wander round then disappear, quite lovely.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Well we started late this week, a visit to IKEA first then back home and out again. An outdoor photoshoot with a goth theme in a graveyard. Quite atmospheric with an over grown graveyard but not so much that we couldn't get about. Then it was back home for lunch then putting the IKEA purchase together and that was the day gone.

Off out today and what a glorious day it was. Off to South Kensington and the Natural History Museum. Quite disappointing actually, well it was not our thing but we needed somewhere new. We hop the bus up to Oxford Street and pop into Pret for an early lunch. Supposedly I made an impression on the nice young man behind the counter, mmmm well not as much as the young woman who was in front of me LOL. A quick visit into M&S and Superdrug then its off to South Ken.

As I say we were not that impressed. Of course there were hordes of schoolchildren and we came to the conclusion that the museum is laid out with them in mind. The descriptions of the exhibits are what I would expect to see in a junior school classroom. Most disappointing is the amount of dust on the exhibits!

Still we had a lovely day topped off but a glorious walk across Hyde Park in the spring sunshine. As I said to Stephanie, its called taking it to the people. Most amusing thing was our arrival home. As we are about turn the last corner one of my neighbours is coming in the opposite direction. Well what can you do? Nothing you smile sweetly and greet them of course, bwahahahahahahahahaha! I refuse to hide and am definitely not embarrassed or ashamed of how I am so it is a case of put up or shut up.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Going posh innit

Well another two days of wanderings. Off to Brent Cross on Saturday. I know on a Saturday would you believe but nothing gets in our way. Today sees us taking trans upmarket big stylee, Knightsbridge. Harrods and Harvey Nicks no less. Oh the frocks, oh the shparklay jewels but mostly oh the frocks and the Christian Louboutin shoes... delish. Well we all know Stephanie and I could spend in the hundreds on an ordinary window shopping trip it was just the same except multiplied by 100, with some frocks running at around £4.5k it wouldn't be difficult.

It seems that there is an age of people that makes them able to spot us 'gurlz'. Entry into this clique seems to be about 12 and goes on until about 17. I suppose it is their preoccupation with image and that of other people that tunes them in to us, we and all those around us are not just looked at but inspected and either are approved of or dismissed or in our case gawped at. Of course we get spotted quite easily but outside this club the staring is quite unusual, mild approval or otherwise is fairly common but in the main we are ignored as people have better things to do. It is a constant source of amusement to me that other 'gurlz' take exception to being spotted and 'go off on one'. Come on please, for one you are a bloke in a frock and your response is 'male' i.e. oi you what are you looking at? Get real girls.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Oh so yummy......... Zaike at the Marroitt Swiss Cottage tonight.

So a teensy-weensy bit of fence sitting from dear old Auntie. Well if it was the old days when you had to sell a reasonable amount to get in the charts then it would not have happened.

Problems, problems

Oh dear oh dear even after she's gone she causes problems at the BBC who seems awfully quiet on their website about it. Ken Loach on the other hand has had a rather good idea

Sunday, 7 April 2013

LAM to the slaughter

A nice afternoon out at the LAM lovely to catch up with the lovely Penny and Dave and Russell and Sarah plus a lovely cuddle with Mistress Absolute. Nice to see, if belatedly, a tribute to Velda Lauda. Quite a large crowd too by the time we left.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Another two days of here there and everywhere. Yesterday trip to Brent Cross. Herds of kids on holiday and we are hardly noticed. We have a look at all our favourites, Lipsy, Monsoon, Hobbs etc, etc.

Today we are off to the West End. We pop into M&S for lunch but find it too, too crowded so its off to Pret. Suitably refreshed we have a stroll around New Look I am sooo underwhelmed by New Look, have been for simply ages, cheap and nasty with one or two exceptions. A couple of years ago I would have been hard pressed not to buy something but these days... shame really. Mind you gone are the days when I could have spent a fortune in Zara. Aaaanyway, we leave and then we are off again to Notting Hill Gate and Trendco, Stephanie requires new hair. We arrive early and dive into a local hostelry for a half hour where I have a lovely chat with a woman who just been to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A. I must admit having looked at it on their website I am not inclined to visit although I am considering becoming a member as then all the exhibitions will be free.
We cross the road and its into Trendco. My goodness we have wigs here there and everywhere. Such a fabulous advisor too. Naughty Stephanie selects a wig and another, and another and then... another ! Suitably weighed down we exit the shop and hop the bus back to Oxford Street only to find they have forgotten to pack something so we have to return. We are sooo lucky buses appear magically and we are soon homeward bound.

Quite how we do the things we do, go to the places we go to without a care in the world is a constant source of amazement to us both. Its never until its all over that we realise what we have done etc :-)

Well its off to the LAM on Sunday to see how D got on with dying those long line bra's for us and to see the delicious Penny and Dave who will be unfortunately sans Natacha.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Post bleurgh outing

Recovered after the illness we ventured forth on Sunday for a visit and dinner with PFK, Sarah, Dolenta Andy and Pierre and his partner and most enjoyable it was if not tiring. Well after not leaving the house for about 10 days getting to bed at 1.00 am was perhaps with hindsight not a good idea.

Tuesday sees us venturing forth yet again. Its new wig time. We get off the bus at Selfridges and pop into M&S for a quick breakfast. We get the bus and trundle our merry way over to Notting Hill Gate and Trendco. What a delight, lovely shop and staff. Luckily they had a spare half hour as we hadn't made an appointment.