Tuesday, 27 October 2015

So there I am stood standing there, as you do, at the bus stop waiting for a bus and an elderly lady rises from her seat and stands next to me and starts a conversation.
Did you see her she says
Who? I reply
That young lady that just got on the bus.
No I reply
She had a leather skirt on that would have matched your boots
Really? Oh and I missed it
Yes it was quite short and in two layers, very nice. It would have suited you with your legs
Oh thank you I say
Are you waiting for a 113?
Yes I reply
I thought so, I've seen you before. The bus comes and we get on and off the bus sets. As I get to my stop and make my way to the door I look back and see she is asleep. Shame. I was going to say goodbye. As I get off I look again and she is awake, she sees me gives me a lovely smile and waves so I wave back. As I cross the road the bus passes me and I get another smile and a wave. How lovely :-)

A visit

So today was a visit to the British Museum and we find a gallery we haven't visited before........

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Cake !

So madame and I catch the train to go to Waterstones by the University of London. Madame finds her book and we both fancy a coffee but where? As we stroll along Torrington Street there is a Patisserie Valerie, after much discussion we go in. She elects for a chocolate mousse and I a Mille Fleur, mmmmm so disgustingly sweet and totally yummy.
We begin our journey home from Googe Street station, our train beign the second one we sit and wait. The first train comes in and a door opens opposite us. The young lady seated in the train spots me and proceeds to tell her male companion, of course she tries to hide the fact she is telling him there is a tranny on the platform which only makes it more obvious. Madame tells me I've been 'clocked' and I say I already know and we have a little giggle. Meanwhile her male companion who had been studiously looking at the floor is desperately keen to look but of course can't be seen to look so passes his hand over his face, raises his head and peers through his fingers only to see us staring straight at him. We two are now convulsed in laughter and as the door closes we smile amd wave them goodbye.

Friday, 23 October 2015

So anyway

So there I am, I've just picked up a pair of boots from Schu in Brent Cross and am stood standing in a corner farting around with my phone. The next thing I know I have young guy in his thirties standing next to me saying... "You know you have cracking legs if my wife wasn't with me I'd snap you up" ! All I am able to do is giggle and he is gone ! I then move onto John Lewis feeling I deserve a coffee and a danish. I find myself a table and become the centre of interest to a gaggle of five, soon to become eight advanced middle aged Italian women. Fortuitously when I decide to leave so do they, so I bide my time and manage to exit just in front of them so they can get a good look.
It appears I'm on a roll when today a young woman comes up to me in Marks and Spencer and says to me, I represent Tony and Guy would you like a free haircut? I decline but was tempted to say no but the wig wouldn't mind a shampoo and set :-)