Friday, 22 July 2016

Lazy or just too busy?

Well I suppose it is a bit of both as is always the case.
Amazingly enough I have managed to decorate almost every room in the house which at my age nearly killed me as I didn't stop. As I finished one room I went straight on to the next. I suppose it cost me around £200 in materials and saved me thousands I didn't have to get someone to do it for me.
Of course all of this activity didn't curtail the odd outing, well all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl doesnt it.
The appearance of a 'lump' and the insistance of 'er indoors' sent me of to the doctors the other week. As an very infrequent doctor visitor I usually go with a list. So he looks at my lump, pronounces it as non worrying and arranges for a scan. While I am here I say there is just this.... Oh yes he says, classic symptom of what you have, nothing to worry about and prescribes non drug treatment. Anything else? Well yes, leaving the best until last, as you do. My heart seems to be missing beats. Oh yes he says, how often. Well it depends I say sometimes every 3 or 6 or more and them sometimes not at all. Ah he says well it could be missing a beat but you don't notice and sends me for an electrocardiogram.
Off we trot to the hospital and it appears it is one of the lower chambers firing before it should. Technician is not particularly impressed, gives me the trace for my doctor and says they are not keeping me in and my doctor might choose to do something about it or may not, so he isn't concerned.
A return visit to my doctors and he says I have to have one of these 24 hour electocardiograms where apparently you wear the appliance and go about your business as usual and see what is happeneing. We await the appointment for it to be fitted. Of course as I said to the doctor all my decorating has highlighted this problem hence my saying it nearly killed me.
The recent warmer weather of course has provided the perfect excuse to get out the summer wear although of course it is not possible to wear skirts shorter than I normally do without getting arrested. Oh so luckily for me I do not need the excuse of going out to 'dress' and it is now an almost daily occurance. In fact I am 'dressed' far more often than I am in drab which does mean of course I am spending a fortune in makeup but hey what elase if a girl supposed to do with her pension.