Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A few days

Well a few days have slipped by, two photo sessions in the week, more stuff tried on etc and yes they all fit. In total nine corsets have been dispatched to D of Second Coming to be sold on as they are too big for both of us.
Session 1

Session 2

Aaaaanyway, Saturday is a night out at the Magic Theatre in far flung Brockley for their Halloween event. We leave in what we think is plenty of time. The AA reckons three quarters of an hour, hmmmmm. Well at least an hour and a half later we arrive, thankfully we manage to park quite close. The delay was an accident at Russell Square :-(.
We meet up with the lovely Penny and Natacha and admire the eye candy. Of course Magic Theatre events are a bit of a tranny magnet and some rather lush ladies are there. The first 'act' is a bit, well to be honest not that good and I wonder if they are paying the venue to be there more than the other way round. The band are rather good once they have warmed up and a good time is had by all. We take our leave not long after the band finish as the DJ has turned the volume up a tad too far. Now don't get me wrong I like my music loud but this was rather strident and verging on the painful, there is a world of difference between good quality loud and as this was bad quality loud. So we arrive home around 1.00 and sad people we are sit down to watch Strictly Come Dancing and all those wonderful frocks.
Stephanie came over Monday, loads of pictures taken in the A.M. then a visit to Brent Cross, it is of course half-term round our way and the place is rather busy. Today we take ourselves off to Westfield at White City. We much prefer it to Stratford, less crowded, more airy and a better class of shop. We spend a rather nice few hours window shopping.

Monday, 21 October 2013

The remains of the days

Saturday sees Stephanie and I out and about. Off we set to the British Museum and surprisingly enough we find loads we have never seen before ! Poor Stephanie is suffering with a pan in her lower back and the remains of flu/cold. We take lunch around the corner in Museum Street in Pizza Express where I am semi-good diet wise and elect for lasagne verde mind you it was not helped by vast amounts of parmesan cheese and the bechemel sauce !
Post lunch its off to Primark where nothing but nothing tickles our collective fancy so we hop a bus homeward up to Selfridges and dive into the denim studio of the third floor where Stephanie buys herself a pair of jeans then its home for dinner.
Sunday is another photo day, its corset time. Luckily everything goes to plan and fourteen corsets later I have almost exhausted what should fit. The 30 inch waist ones all shut and are a trifle on the slack side. They fit but not as tight as I like them, that is breathless tight and the 28 inch ones are not that good around the rib cage damn those ribs :-(

So today its off out again to Oxford St. A quick trawl of Primark and a discussion with madame, which bra should I buy myself? Yes I'm that lucky, I can not only buy my own clothes but I get advice too ! Luck remains on my side when post Pret breakfast we visit Elliot Rhodes shop to get madame's four belts shortened I find madames xmas present, a new buckle so that is that done !

Catch up

Sooooo Friday I decide to make picture day, naughty nighties, corselette's and corsets, just to see if they fit you understand ;-) I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I have been on a diet and lost all this weight and things have come back into the fold as they now fit again and things have left because they are too big. Aaaanyway I must admit that the diet has made me feel better in body and mind. So with no trepidation there was a flurry of activity as things were put on and stripped off willy nilly. I make no apologies for photoshopping myself on backgrounds as plain white is rather boring.
Post pictures I take myself off to Brent Cross for a en femme wander. Oooo autumn/winter is not my time of year all the clothes are so... well wintery, roll on spring.