Saturday, 29 December 2012

Been and gone

Well that's Christmas out of the way for another year. Its all sooo tiring. Just the family round xmas and boxing day with the addition of the odd interloper, so cooking for 9 one day and 11 the next.
A trip to Brent Cross the day after boxing day, but we went early and missed all the madness and were back home by 10-10.30. I must admit my wardrobes are overflowing so the sales are a bit of a non event thankfully.
So we get a phone call……. Howard, would madam like to meet him at Tate Britain to see the Turner Prize, no she doesn't want to go. So after he'd gone I said… I should put on a frock and go, so she said why not, so I called him back and said I'd go. Didn't say it would be Ann though ;-) Bus up to Charing Cross, bus up to Tate Britain, afternoon tea and a wander round, came out of Tate Britain, walk along Millbank, over Vauxhall Bridge and into Sainsbury's, buy a couple of bottles of fizz, pick up the car and back home with H !! We never got to see the Turner prize stuff as we were gassing so much we were too late :-) Oooo lush !
Talking of afternoon tea, we were sooo underwhelmed by the Tate's offering. Well the space, considering we were in a premier establishment can only be described as dire, just like a works canteen my dears. Dear H decides he wants tea, a pot of tea. Oh we don't do pots she says only cups and if he wants a mixture of earl grey and English breakfast then he will have to pay double. We get our drinks and scones, what flavours of jam do you have? Strawberry she says, that's it. Do you have clotted cream? No. I mean what sort of afternoon tea is this? Only one sort of jam and no clotted cream :-Must be a sign of times.(
Although we didn't have that much time to look round I must say I was rather, well, underwhelmed with some of the work I saw. True the skill is quite, quite amazing but I do like to be grabbed by the throat and have an invisible arm drag me to a painting and say look at that ! And to be honest, not a lot did. But as I say one melts and goes green with envy at how a canvas, paint and brushes can be used to such amazing effect.
Lunch out yesterday, in the wilds of Hertfordshire, a girl I used to work with and her son. Well my dears I didn't realise that the last time I visited his pub I'd cause such a stir! This place was just outside Potters Bar, well I suppose they'd never seen a 'girl' like me before but supposedly there was quite a commotion after I'd left, who was that? who is it? etc. etc although that said it was all rather complimentary.
So we get home and it hits me. All that stress and work over xmas, the gadding about caught up with me and I was soooo exhausted I just had to succumb to a nana-nap for a couple of hours and manage to feel like death when I awoke.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Such a shame

Such a shame I don't get around to posting much what with all the gadding around etc, etc. Where have I been, what have I been doing? Sooo much my dears. Here there and everywhere I tell you. We have done the two Westfields, White City and Stratford, Camden, dear old Oxford Street and of course flogged Brent Cross to death as well as the Brick Lane tranny haunts plus the Way Out club and The Magic Theatre. We really are sooo lucky, hardly a disapproving look let alone being accosted. It constantly amazes me how we treat all these appearances in the real world as everyday trips. Nothing seems to phaze us. Is this the secret to success? Is our confidence in ourselves why we do not get noticed? Of course appearing in places that are busy has also a lot to do with it.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

That was a good afternoon

Well that was a good afternoon. Saturday sees us trolling our way to the London Alternative Market at Electroworkz in the Angel. Not a shopping trip but a chance to meet up with old friends and boy did some turn up. The ever lovely Maz working on the Prong stall, Vicky of The Ultimate Leather, John and David of JDL for Leather, the lush D of Second Coming, PFK photographer extraordinaire and Sarah. A totally unexpected face from the non-fetish world popped up, Mike and Mandy, Drag Bitch, Gina Gee, Spike and Mistress Destiny. It really is amazing that there are friends who have either never seen me 'dressed' and those who have never seen me in 'drab' which leadsto a comment "oh don't tell me, you don't recognise me with my clothes on" LOL We chat, we gossip for ages then take our leave for pastures new to see Dolenta at Breathless, no Andy unfortunately but there was Cava !!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

How many men does it take to............

Good grief these Olympics have been over simply ages so why, oh why has it taken sooooo long to rid our streets of all the detritus? Public transport still diverted, can't walk here, can't walk there, diversions, jobsworths directing you etc, etc. It is worse than when they were actually doing it ! I tell you for those of us who had no interest it has been a regular pain-in-the-arse!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Picture this.........

Well that was a surprise. A private viewing at the Menier Gallery. Invited by our friends one of whom was exhibiting we arrived. As madam spotted them across the room I saw one of her paintings. "I can see them" says madam and I say "and I can see someone else". Yes it was us in the painting, a total surprise ! Fabulous !!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Busy, busy

Well its was off to Brighton, fabulosa day. We find Get Cutie and are a trfile unerwhelmed. The fabrics are fab but the frocks are so simply made and no lining whatsover. Nice but vastly overpriced for what they are. The material shop was little better, yes they sell some of the fabrics we want but none in stock. Luckily madam has found somewhere in Durham that sells what we want online. We pay a visit to the lads in Wildcat, ooo must be two years since we've been there.
We take a little delicious lunch at Giraffe and then its off to FabricLand where of course madam find some fabric, well she can't go home empty handed can she.

Wednesday post North Circular flood hiatus we are off to Bicester Outlet Shopping Village. Madam's first shop was a disappointment, Church's shoe shop. Very upmarket mens and ladies 'sensibe' shoes. A pair she wanted desperately they didn't have in her size. But the Ann effect came early. As we entered Church's the guy on the door said good morning........... ladies LOL. Madam said to me I dunno there is something about you isn't there? tee hee. I wouldn't mind but I was in drab my dears.
So we went from shop to shop, most disappointed with Versache, nothing outrageous and nothing that tickled my fancy, just as well at their prices. Off to Wolford's a fab plain LBD but at £95...... a gorgeous red body but that was even more ! Then it happened, Ted Baker. I know, I know. We looked around the shop, a couple of fab skirts but too expensive for a skirt and couldn't find anything I liked until we were leaving, on a model in the window. She loved it and I couldn't find it in the shop. Aaaaanyway as we made our way to the door she spotted it and in my size so yes I got it. Glad in a way as I saw sooo much after that it would have been impossible to make up my mind but having bought that I couldn't afford anything else.
Well there was three wonderful frocks in Matthew Williamson's absolute dreams, then there were another three in Karen Millen, one a floaty number is bright, bright yellow. But as I said to madam, it was one of those things while you are in the shop you go yes, yes, yes and once outside you think well it is fab but where and when would I wear it. Disappointed with Valentino's, nothing I fancied, Hobb's the same. Madam got a lovely frock in Coast and I could have a couple there too. Two wonderful ones in Alexander McQueen but at over £1K I don't think so. Nothing much in Jimmy Choo shoe shop, there never is. Nothing caught my eye in DKNY or Dolce and Gabbana except a fabulous short winter coat, white with a brown and white real fur collar but again over £1K. Went into L.K. Bennet, they had a fab frock but money had been spent. Nothing in Reiss. A gorgeous red leather handbag in Smythson but that was £375 down from £850.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Baaaa LAM

Well off we went to The London Alternative Market today. Very quiet when we arrived but buzzing by the time we left, surprising really what with the London Fetish Weekend next month. The lovely D of Second Coming had managed to sell something of mine which allowed me to give some money back and get a rather nice red satin waist cincher.

Looks like a hectic week this week, a visit to Brighton for material from Ditto Fabrics and a visit to Get Cutie luckily both in the same street. Of course there will have to be the obligatory visit to those weirdo's at Wildcat and that Andy better not be on a day off !

Madame and I shall be making a visit later in the week to Bicester Shopping Village where if my luck is in will bring me one of two lush frocks.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pubbing it

Ah well all back to normal sadly. A trip out today to see an ex work friend. An excellent pub lunch where my friends son is the chef and four hours gossiping. Ooo I love a good gossip. For a pub outside London I caused hardly a stir, indeed the staff were fabulous, not even a raised eyebrow although I wonder what was said after we left.... :-)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Post holiday blues

Well we are returned from sunny Bournemouth, a quite enjoyable week altogether. The new car behaved itself perfectly with some stunning mpg ! Of course with the Freedom pass we hardly used the car at all whilst we were there.

Highlight of the week had to be our meal at The Amalfi totally yummy. Low point had to be the journey down there, rain, by god did it rain. torrential was the only word for it but it only lasted a short but frightening while and luckily after we had disposed of the motorway.

So many purchases too, frocks, handbags and shoes all at bargain prices !!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Walking the walk

Oooo we didn't half walk the other day. Met a friend outside Primarni 'bout 11.30, we strolled through and came out again. Down North Audley Street, popped into Stabucks for a drink then down to Grosvenor Sq then down South Audley Street. Left into Curzon St, right into Half Moon St, across Piccadilly, across Green Park, across the Mall across St James's Park, had a sit down for a chat. Across Birdcage Walk, into Queen Anne's Gate, into Broadway along Victoria St to Parliament Sq, across Westminster Bridge, into Belvedere Rd which runs behind the embankment into Jublilee Gardens onto the Embankment, under Waterloo Bridge and got a sandwich in Eat on the South Bank. Along the South Bank to Tooley St, through Hays Wharf and back on the Embankment to past Tower Bridge, through the wiggly bits to Clink St and stopped at Shad Thames. Stopped for an ice cream and back to Waterloo Bridge, across Waterloo Bridge, along the Strand and up into Covent Garden. Through there to King St and got a drink in Tesco's then into St Martins Lane up to Long Acre and into Charing Cross Rd. Crossed the road into Little Newport St and up to Shaftesbury Avenue, across there into Soho up Frith St and along Old Compton St, crossed Wardour St and along Brewer St then into Sherwood St and across Golden Sq, along Beak St, across and up Regent's St into Conduit St, across Bond St and into Berkeley Sq, surprised Stephanie at work then up the square into Davies St, into Brook St and then Duke St to Oxford St. Into Selfridges for relief, along Oxford St. I left her at Primarni and she went to get her bus home and I popped into Primarni and got two long vests which make ridiculously short size 14 frocks, one yellow and one deep pink at £3 each ! Then I waited ages for a bus and home around 8.15. That's around 9-10 miles that is.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blow out on Farcebuck

Well off we set yesterday evening full of dread of rush-hour traffic only to find it localised which was a bonus. Joined the biggest car park in the world, the M25, and to our delight it was free flowing. So off we zoomed to see friends on Canvey Island. Yes I know my dears but someone has to live there. Don't they?

Excellent meal but all far too rich for a girl like me. The sort of food you just don't want to stop stuffing your face with, but I did, stop that is, before it was too late, just. Our new little brmm, brmm behaved herself perfectly, thankfully. Aaaanyway I'm considering returning to Facebuck, well it's not my desire but supposedly more than one person is missing my presence. Do I or don't I? Mmmmmmmmmm, we shall see.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The importance of a title

It is possible in this day and age for the much maligned shop assistant to get it right. On a visit to Halfords on Sunday I ordered a set of car mats. Upon collecting them today I noticed that the assistant had ordered them for collection by Miss, not Mr in drag, not Mr, not Mrs but Miss. All power to you young man, I salute you.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Well I've been and gorn and dun it. Forty odd years of being a Ford driver and now the owner of a Fiat 500 and only 14 miles on the clock...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bloody Olympics

So not only are we 'encouraged' to avoid using our own transport system, you know the one WE pay for but now we have no-go areas for those who live here.

Want to shop in Westfield Stratford? Well some would, if they could, but it seems unless you are staff or have a ticket to an Olympic event you are barred on Friday and Saturday

So any criticism of the Olympics is actively and rigourously verboten and now we are told where and when we can go out !

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hot Rods and cool bikes

Well a few days away in sunny Surrey at the Hot Rod Hayride. Now cars and bikes are not really my thing but a few days away blah, blah. So off we set Friday afternoon for a quick shlep down to Camberley. We prat around and go off for dinner then whiz over to the Hayride for the evening which goes rather slowly until we meet up with some friends and all of a sudden its 1.45 am which turns into bed around 2.30. Up with the lark its back to the Hayride for the day, lovely weather for a change too. We take in the hill climbing which becomes a little boring after a while and we go back to the main event. Thank goodness there is eye candy in the form of rock n roll girlies as you an only look at the bikes and cars for so long. At least it gives me the opportunity to take loads of pics to use as backgrounds !!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Kwick fitting a DynoRod at the Olympics

Well an eventful week. Order two tyres to be fitted by Kwick-Fit and they arrive, great except they send the wrong size. Luckily they come the next day with the right tyres and we are mobile again. On the upside the man from DynoRod arrives, unblocks the drain and because they are part of the same company as British Gas I get it done for free !!!

Why is it I am so disinterested in these running and jumping shenanegans? Well as with many modern things everybody and everything is sunny and bright until........ you either criticise or do not show fanaticism. I would be quite happy to let these proceedings pass me by without a care or thought but to have it rammed down my throat constantly and be included as a fervoured supporter. I am not, I don't care who wins or loses. Got it.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sense of humour or truth?

I just had to steal this and spread it around before some jumped up offical source had it removed from whence it came............

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Regrets I have a few

Bloody Olympics, I could not care less what happens, all I know its costing me fortune and I have no interest in it. My regret ? Not having the money to get as far away from London as possible for the entire month. That way I wouldn't have to suffer congestion on the roads and public transport, be shoved from pillar to post by bloody tourists and to see something other than sport on the television, hear it on the damn radio and have it plastered over websites and newspapers. So bah bloody humbug. If you don't like it, stick where the sun doesn't shine.

Hello Ducks

A lovely early morning stroll over Hampstead Heath this morning now that the sun has decided to come out. Amazing how a couple of hours walk in the sunshine sets you up for the day.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Up and down

Well a week of up and downs that's for sure. The poor car looks like it needs to be pensioned off. Getting to the stage where repairs are more than its worth. Such a lovely car and so faithful over the past twelve years. Seriously looking at a Fiat 500 now.

On the upside a lovely trip out with Stephanie to Westfield Stratford. Well we thought we'd get our visit in before the bloody Olympics which will result in the place being packed to the gills.
Took the train over, sat sitting there as you do when Stephanie notices we are having our picture taken. I do wish people would realise that when they do things like that or remark to companions it is blatantly obvious what they are up to. Aaaanyway if she had asked we would have posed for her quite willingly.
Herds of schoolkids both on the train and at the centre going for guided tours of the Olympic stadium etc but we go for the most part unnoticed.
I suppose it our collective confidence and certainly my willingness to be engaged in conversation that almost without exception we are greeted by assistants in shops extremely pleasantly.
We troll our way round then take lunch in GBK and again after the initial shock are treated wonderfully. A few of the customers are gobsmacked but once over their shock ignore us.
It is strange that some people look at us in very odd ways, perhaps they think that being a tranny is catching.

Got my lovely wife to cut my hair this week in preparation for a little trip away :-)
At last, I managed to do a proper photo session today, of course most of the planned outfits never materialised but hey that means I can have another session in a few days.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friday the thirteenth

So my dears with the wife out at Proud Cabaret we thought we wold take ourselves out for dinner. Not too far, a nice little Italian a short drive away where we stuffed ourselves silly, in fact I had to have a slice of Stephanie's pizza or she would never have got it finished ! Well it was a nice way to round off a productive day, loads of pictures done but I wasn't really in the mood to do any of myself.
I know that the more we go out the odds are shortening that we will encounter a 'problem' but to date we have encountered none. Perhaps its where we live, perhaps its where we go, perhaps its the way we dress, perhaps its our confidence in ourselves but day or night we live the life, girlie to our core. It is impossible to convey what it means to do this to anyone. To be who you want to be, to be who you know you were meant to be. Is it exciting? No. Does it get the adrenaline pumping? No. Is it a turn on? No. it just feels............ right. We do not ask a lot, just treat us as people. If you do not approve then just ignore us, if you support us then say something, we don't bite. If you can't bring yourself to use female epithets then don't use any, its not difficult.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Not like that, like this

Amazing isn't it, there you are all dressed 'properly' and a fashion and diet disaster makes a comment.... ooo look there's a man dressed as a woman. Well my dear at least I look more like one than you ever will. A trip to Sainsbury's with Stephanie brought that comment. I wouldn't mind but she couldn't count either so I reminded her there were two of us. Aaaaaanyway apart from a rather surprised customer, well t-girls are rather thin on the ground in that neck of the woods, we managed our shopping quite simply and the lady on the checkout was lovely.
It was just as well we were not your panic struck gurlz either. A visit to pick up a parcel at the sorting office resulted in us being in a queue for at least twenty minutes with a fairly large captive audience.
On the upside a visit to John Lewis brought quite the opposite. When I had a query they were all sweetness and light, yes madam, no madam, that's the way it should be done.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ah the best laid plans of mice and trannies, a rethink of outfit was required and the Ted Baker got its first outing.

So we leave home around 8.45 on our way to the Way Out club in the Minories. What is it with these Olympic Lanes? We turn into the Euston Road at Euston Station to turn right at Upper Woburn Place and notice that when these lanes are in force... you won't be able to, great, NOT. So we get to between Theobald's Road and High Holborn and notice there is a bus lane and an Olympic Lane which means......... there is no lane for any other traffic, that's clever. So it will be left into Theobald's Road, right into Proctor Street, right into High Holborn and left into the Kingsway. As we go down the Kingsway there are big roadworks. Oh they are making the underpass between Waterloo Bridge and the Kingsway.... flow the other way, good grief the expense !

Aaaanyay I digress, easy peasy parking for once when we arrive, a couple of minutes walk and we are there. Venue looks quite nice, we enter and are greeted by Vicky Lee who runs the club, get our free champoo and descend into the club proper. Of course the disasvantage of being rather early is it can be a trifle lonely but on the upside we get prime seats! The place gradually fills and we see a few familiar faces. We manage to meet up with my son and his wife who unbeknown to us have had us placed where we belong.... on the guest list! We decide to take our leave around 2.15 and make our weary way home.....

Did we enjoy it? Oh yes and we will definitely be back.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Well tonight is to be our first visit to The Way Out Club . At least I've managed to get the outfit selection down to two and it will come down to how much of a lard arse I feel I look. Should be fun, the son and heir will be there with my daughter-in-law, a family outing and lets face it what are parents for if not to embarrass their children.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I really must try to post more often. So where did we get to? To put things in chronological order would be pointless so..... I won't.

What have we been up to, ooo visits to Camden shopping you name it my dears, we do it. The other week a little adventure alone, the weekly shop. Something I'd never done before. Off I go, park the car and wiggle my way across the car park, pick up my trolley and into my local Tesco. Yes lovelies, my local one, the one I use every week where I am well known. Oh it was fabulous trolling around selecting my groceries, the most anxious part was taking pictures of myself doing it in case "it was against the rules". From there a stroll around my local shopping centre.

Last weekend was a trip to Camden Market. So many things we could have bought if either of us could have afforded it. So many delicious frocks, still its the strolling around en femme that provides us with the most enjoyment. A little light lunch and we stroll up to Regent's Park. A lovely early summer day with a light breeze as we walk the total width of the park and catch the bus home and dinner.

A journey by the wife to Oxford Street during the week results in a frock for me !!! What a fabulous girlie she is. We take a trip to Brent Cross two days later and there I see it. It calls to me, the Ted Baker frock Stephanie and I have coveted for months and its in the sale !! Needless to say I cannot afford it, but buy it. Now do I return them or one, or keep both. Traditional tranny dress has long since been rejected except for "special" occasions and photo sessions. Smart dress is much more the order of the day.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Well the will to post regularly soon waned didn't it.
Being retired means I'm busier than when I was at work ! So many things to do. The hall, landing and stairs are now decorated but so much left to do.
Adventures out continue apace. Both Stephanie and I are constantly amazed and pleased at the reception we get out and about. My own latest adventure took me shopping. Shopping? Is that all? Well I was alone, it was my local Tesco, the one I use every week, such a liberating feeling, wiggling my way round pushing my trolley then trundling across the car park and off for a couple of hours wandering around Brent Cross shopping centre. It all left me a trifle emotional.
Four consecutive days 'dressed' this week, fabulous. Monday was for some photo's, Tuesday the shopping trip and photo's then Wednesday and Thursday Stephanie came over. Wednesday we took ourselves off to a local gardens for some photo's and returned for more in the garden. Thursday morning we continued and then took ourselves to Brent Cross for our usual troll round. I must admit the more we are out and about the more relaxed we have both got

Monday, 28 May 2012

So its Monday, do we rest. do we f*ck! Up and out, not en femme today so we travel by underground. We know where we want to go but just like dear old London the line we need is partially closed for maintenance so a slightly circular route is selected. Check Point Charlie is our destination. Our daughter wants a Cossak hat. Yes I know but it has to come from there. Aaaanyway we get off at Stadmitte and stroll down Friedrichstabe to get the hat then its back to the hotel. Madam now decides that the hat is not good enough and has to go back and be exchanged before we go off to Peter and Sarah to drop off a case which they are taking home for us as they are driving back to the UK. So its back on the underground, same stop dragging a case, change the hat, back on the underground to Warschauer Strabe, over the bridge to the hotel Klassik where we meet up with them and several Swedes returning home. Are we out to dinner tonight, a tentative yes but by the time we eventually get back to the hotel we just can't face doing the journey again and elect to eat locally, well we have to up at six the next morning to go home !!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday. Another beautiful day and we are off out again. Pat wants to visit her grandfathers war grave in the South West Cemetery.  Well this is as far from central Berlin as the airport and has no local rail connection so its taxi again. An amazing place in the countryside, so quiet, so peaceful. The layout of the English War Graves is exactly the same as all the other CWGC cemetery's. The staff are most helpful and apologetic that we have to purchase a map for the princely sum of 1 Euro which goes towards the upkeep. A lovely walk of about 1.5 km around the cemetery gets us to the English section and we actually manage to find the grave. The first visit anyone has made in the 98 years he has been there.
A shorter walk back means we have made a complete circuit and we repair to a restaurant for lunch. Now we have the ball to go to that night, we need to get back, have a sleep, eat, get ready and go out so of course it means a taxi back. This is really costing us a fortune.
Back at the hotel with a coffee from the cafe opposite and a fabulous huge chocolate eclair each then a couple of hours sleep.
Up and out to find something to eat then back to prepare for the evening, by the time we are ready it is getting on for ten o'clock. Of course the ball is in the East so...... TAXI !
When we arrive the fashion shows have started, a quick look and then find somewhere to sit before the scramble starts. From our vantage point we can peruse the outfits. Me? I'm in a black Cherry Pie dress from Libidex and Pat has been dressed by both Libidex and our dear friend Dolenta at Breathless in maroon and gold. We see many glorious outfits from military to traditional fetish including one couple in traditional dress, he in lederhosen and she looking like Hedi but both outfits made from latex !
We meet up with our frineds Peter and Sara, Peter is the official photographer for both Skin Two and Marquis and is in fine fettle with the help of half a bottle of Jim Beam as he has managed to sell his entire stock of DVD's at the fair that afternoon. The English contingent is giving it some stick out on the dancefloor and stage as we take our leave at around 2.45. The toll of travelling and our dashing hither and thither is taking its toll and its out into the night and back to the hotel, by taxi of course :-(

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Up before the crack of dawn, 1 a.m. to be precise after a paltry 3 hours sleep and get ready. We leave the house at 3.00, a taxi to Golders for the coach to Stanstead. Arrive, check in and by 6.30 we are winging our way to Berlin and the German Fetish weekend.
Bah to Ryan Air, you really are crap aren't you and oh so common. That fanfare as we land reminds me of America and...... cowboys so I suppose its rather appropriate.
Aaaaanyway Schōenfeld airport, hmmmmm. Well its not the airport its the railway station, so dire. You have an airport connected to a railway and there is no indicator boards and no information and no ticket office? Ah well we catch a train that thankfully is going in the right direction only to be told to get off at Grünbergallee to catch another. The only problem is this station has no indicator boards, well it does but they only give the end of the line and not stations along the way but it does have an office where can ask. Ah the next train is in five minutes, we reach the platform..... just as it pulls out, luckily the next is in another 10 minutes.
We eventually arrive in Berlin, phew my dears it is hot, hot, hot ! A ten minute walk with three cases to the hotel and yes the room is ready even if it is only midday. Dump cases and out for something to eat and drink, luckily there is a fab cafe almost opposite and suitably refreshed we return. Things to do, people to see and places to go are our watchwords. A quick shower and change, on with the slap and I'm Ann again, at last. Downstairs we totter, order a taxi and off into the scorching sun. We are in the west, just near the Zoo, where do we need to be? Deep in the east on Ohlauer Strabe. of course and there are road closures because of a carnival. We eventually arrive at the Fetish Fair, quite small compared to other years. We find our friends Peter and Sarah one of the sponsors,  have chats and run into the first of the British contingent, Drag Bitch, much merriment ensues. We troll round and see Velda Lauda corset maker extraordinaire, the guy from Bondinage and Jan fetish pics. After about four hours we have had enough, its time to get back to the hotel as we are meeting Peter and Sarah for dinner at 7.00. Outsidethe venue we also meet up with Mad Allan ! Of course this being the crap end of town it takes ages to find a taxi which of course costs us an arm and a leg.
Back at the hotel shower and change and off out, again. Taxi ! Yes we are off to the East again. Revaler Strabe and the Hotel Klassik. The taxi driver is fab considering he has a tray on board and we get a running commentary as we go through Berlin. As we get out of the taxi and cross the road I get that feeling. It doesn't happen often, silence, I feel all eyes on me as we cross the road, ah well never mind. Where re we eating? Oh next door to the hotel, ah well when in Berlin where do we go? For a curry of course !
Post dinner we take our leave, by taxi of course, well this is a iffy part of town. Back in the safety of the West and at the hotel we decide our liquid intake has fallen far below safety levels and repair to a bar opposite the hotel where the sight of a tranny who has had far too little sleep causes seem amusement but then us gurus are well used to that and so it is ignored. And so to bed……….

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Well that was a busy day. Pick up Stephanie,  back home and into the photoshoot, some four outfit changes and 900 odd pictures later a spot of lunch and off out. A spankingly fabulous day out there, terrible for picture taking, so much sun and so many people my dears Aaaanyway the Hill Gardens, one of our favourite haunts beckoned where we managed another three hundred and eighty odd shots we repair to the Bull and Bush for a well earned drinkie.
Why is it we can go to places like that and not have any problems whatsoever, well so far. We are more or less ignored.  It was more or less the same as we call into Tesco's on the way back home. Sure we get 'spotted' but no problems. I am sure it is our collective confidence, look the world in the eye, treat whatever we are doing as an everyday occurrence and don't dress like an itinerant tranny.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Why oh why do these Widgity thingys not work. They are there in the HTML but not in the template or when looking at your blog
Ah there doesn't appear to be enough code...
Well a new day a new blog. Will I manage to keep this thing up to date or not.
 Can I be bothered? Only time will tell. Livejournal fell by the wayside, Myspace dropped into the dustbin of history, Xanga because no one else used it, Fastbuck got dumped for its triteness, over concern with the mundane and the collection of "friends" you will never meet.
Ah well enough of this witty badinage I'm off to massage my layout and plump up my profile.