Monday, 29 February 2016

Oh my days sooo long since an update. Pointless trying to do things by date so I'll just rattle on. Of course its involved lots of going out and about. It never ceases to amaze me how I can find things in the British Museum and the V&A that I haven't seen before.
A minor disaster last week, the iMac decided it wouldn't let me log-in so it was off to the Apple Shop. Hardware all ok but I couldn't even get in to the diagnostics so it was a restore of the operating system which of course destroyed everything on the drive. Luckily I had Time Machine to restore most of the data. A quick order to Amazon for a USB stick and create a bootable drive and if it happens again I can redo it all myself.
The other Sunday it was off to Wokingham for Sunday dinner with friends. My goodness I thought my little part of London was fairly peaceful but out there you can hear a pin drop. I don't think we could cope with country life.
We went to the London Alterative Market at the beginning of the month the usual suspects were there but unfortuneatly I wasn't able to change a cosert I bought the other month as they hadn't brought one the right size.
A couple of weeks ago we took ourselves off to meet two friends from Brighton. A stroll around the British Museum and then off to Dolenta's shop in Euston. After the shop closed all six of us trooped up to Mornington Crescent to a Spanish restaurant for dinner.