Monday, 31 March 2014


My goodness this retirement malarky is exhausting !! Off out Friday night to our friend Marnie Scarlet's 40th birthday party at the Resistance Gallery and get to bed gone 2.00am. Fabulous to catch up with people we hadn't seen in more than ages.
Saturday is a foray into the deepest darkest recesses of South London to The Magic Theatre at the wonderfully kitch Rivoli Ballroom. We leave there gone midnight which of course coincides with the clocks changing so is now 1.00 am. I drop madame off in Camden Town at what is now 2.00 am to meet up with our daughter and they disappear into the Black Cap and get in at around 6.00 am.
Sunday sees us off out again for a mothers day lunch at the Black Cap and their "Dragged up by your mother" event. madame, daughter and I get a free makeup session and eventually get in around 7.00.
Off out again with Stephanie and Sara today, a visit to the British Museum and a wander. Nothing more for a few days, thank goodness, just a trip to the Tower of London on Friday with Claire and Conrad. Well it will only be the second time I have ever been there. Then its off out again on Sunday, its the London Alternative Market.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


So a hectic weekend in prospect. Friday sees us off to a friends 40th at the Resistance Gallery, private event of course. Saturday sees us off again, this time the Magic Theatre at the delightfully kitch Rivoli Ballroom, then Sunday lunch at the Black Cap in Camden for this. I thought retirement would be a time of rest...

At madame's behest we troop off to Boots, supposedly there is this new facecream, made by many all with the name, BB cream. Aaaanyway you apply it after cleansing and other potions and it can also be worn under makeup. Its like a face cream but with a touch of foundation. Well I purchase a couple of tubes seeing as this version was on a half price offer. Well it seems to work and I get to wear makeup everyday ;-)
Last week we paid a visit to Selfridges and had breakfast in Aubaine. Not cheap but no that expensive.....

So the undocumented purchases... These two came from Lipsy

The denim shorts from Next, roll on Las Palamas.

The skirt from Primarni

The swimsuit from M&S and the socks from Selfridges

The spotty frock from Forever 21

And nice to see these two fit even better than last year.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Well time slips by again, two weeks 'ish. In no particular order here we go. The following Sunday from the LAM we are off perving again, this time the London Fetish Fair. Very well attended both in stands and customers. Natacha and Penny cannot make it but Russell and Sarah do. I manage to escape without spending anything thank goodness but it is a glorious day, not one to be indoors actually. The day does turn sour though as we find out that Russell breaks down on the way home and faces the prospect of an £800 bill !!

Madame and I have a Oxford Street outing and I get a nice pair of spotty denim Primark shorts in Selfridges and a pair of black denim.

The following day the denim shorts I had ordered from Next arrived, result.

Stephanie, Sarah and I take ourselves off for a day out. Well it was for me. After Stephanie texting me that they were running late I head off without them and arrange to meet them outside Selfridges. I have a lovely wander around before they arrive taking in some wonderful items, far, far out of my meagre financial reach. Once we are all met we hop a bus down to the Strand and on foot have a quick detour around Somerset House then cross over Waterloo Bridge. We have a leisurely stroll along the South Bank to Tate Modern. Well it is one place I have not been before and our collective opinion is that it will be our last. Do not get me wrong there are a few modern artists I like, let us just say that Tate Moderns selection is not mine. We exit and cross the Millennium or wibbly-wobbly bridge up to St Pauls thence along Ludgate Hill and a spot of late lunch before wending our collective way home.

Last Saturday night saw Madame and I off out to a friends 40th, Claire of Prong Jewellery fame. Fabulous evening seeing quite a few people we hadn't seen in sooo long! After a slight detour to Kings Cross we get indoors around 1.45 am and yes I was 'dressed'.

Off out in the week with Madame, Oxford Street a wander round Selfridges, eventually we wind up on the third floor in Primark again where I get a rather nice white jacket. We wander down Oxford Street. Madame want to go to Boots as they have a Clinique offer running. It just happens we have to pass Forever 21 and well it would be rude not to go in wouldn't it. I exit with a rather nice summer cotton black/cream spotted little tight frock ;-)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Well the weeks go by again. What have we done? Well a couple of weekends ago I took myself off to the V&A. As part of LGBT month there was a guided tour of the V&A by Bird la Bird a lesbian alternative performer. After a wander I was joined by madame which was lovely. We partook of some refreshment in the cafe. Mmmm hghly buttered scones and jam, lush. We joined the group of about 100 and off we went outside....

After a amusing talk about the exterior it was was decided that the dear old V&A should be renamed as the The Queer Grand Emporium of Nick Nacks. Obviously our guide drew a certain amount of attention both outside and inside and the motley crew following certainly drew their fare share as well. It was interesting and informative to find out not only about items but the history of the times behind them.
Slightly disappointing was the fact that out of the 100 odd I was the only trans person who showed up !
Last Sunday saw us off to the LAM, meeting up with Natacha, Penny, Sarah and Russell. An early compliment had us all laughing. All of us sat in Pret having breakfast we are approached by someone we knew... I never thought I could say that you could look any more.... Cheap I interjected, no no he said.. gorgeous! LOL

Madame picked her altered skirt from Vicky and bought herself a leather corset which worked wonders for her figure! Lady Lauras Latex thanked me for the pictures I had sent of me in the yellow frock and asked if I would model for her !
Stephanie came over on Monday to do some pictures, the first since before Christmas, after lunch we took ourselves off to Brent Cross for a wander and very nice it was. Tuesday saw madame and I off to the West End, her to find a bra in Primarni and then off to Charles Fox in Covent Garden. Thankfully I managed to spend nothing as I had ordered a rather silly item of which there will be pictures when it arrives ;-)