Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Go East young lady

Off window shopping to Westfield Stratford today. We have decided that White City is our favourite, better shops, more space etc, etc. A rather damp but uneventful journey and a lovely pre-lunch wander from shop to shop, well with a few notable exceptions We are rather surprised, not that many people considering its school holidays etc and my visit to Brent Cross yesterday saw it packed like a weekend.
We partake of a rather nice chicken and king prawn salad for lunch in Giraffe topped off with a cloudy lemonade and mint, delicious and lovely staff. We go for a post lunch wander until it gets rather warm and we make our way home. Yes of course people notice but no stares, comments or pointing.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lots of hype in Japan

So the HyperJapan visit. Mmmm, well I was disappointed, nearly all food and stupid computer games. I really expected much more in the way of clothes but no. I expected far more people dressed for the occasion but no and I didn't expect to pay over £5 for two small bottles of soft drink and water.
Mind you it was lovely to see Dolenta and Andy, Conrad and Clare and of course DBee !!


Off to HyperJapan today, meeting up with Dolenta and Andy and hopefully seeing Clare of Prong fame. Sans Ann though, which has its pro's and con's. Con's of course is not being dressed but pro's on this occasion are in the majority. Makes life easier especially being around hordes of kids, yuk, kids and definitely easier lugging the big camera around. Of course everyone is conspiring against travel today. TFL and their disruptions and most of all bloody Boris and his fecking bike-a-thon, massive road closures, bus routes cancelled and re-routed. All I hope is he falls off at some point and there is photographic evidence.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

More and yet more

Ah the delights of Club Pedestal tomorrow night ;-) A rubber dress from the past will get an airing as it fits again !

I have actually got round to updating the glamour section of the website as well, quite amazing. Well I thought I should seeing as I have taken more pictures and most of the pictures on the site are sans weight loss.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Free coffee

Off up town again but this time with madame. Breakfast in Pret where we get into conversation with the staff and results in us be given our coffee for free, gratis and for nothing. What a lovely surprise!
We pop into M&S and then into Selfridges to take in the denim studio on the third floor. Now to me jeans are jeans are jeans and something over a regular price is a waste of money. To our surprise amongst the concessions was one for Primark which of course meant that we exited with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt each all for £26 ! Thankfully we notice that high waisted jeans are back in favour which means those of us that are not skinny to the point of anorexia can find a decent pair.

In and out round and about

A lush couple of days. Off out and about on Sunday, Regents Park. It starts cloudy but warmish then hot and sunny. We stroll through the park and I learn that it is not a good idea to wear new shoes with bare feet so its walking barefoot through the park.
It never ceases to amaze me how I have changed. In male mode I would never dream of walking barefoot, I would not even be barefoot in sandals but in girlie mode.... Aaaanyway we decide to walk down to Camden so it is definitely shoes on. Camden is of course packed to the gills. Its summer, the sun is out and its hot therefore the place is rammed. The clement weather of course requires me to be... tattoo's out and even those don't get much of a look, quite amazing. On our way down the the High Street we pop into the Dublin Castle for a drink, never been in there before. It is one of the most famous pubs in London, famous for its live music and the many groups that have cut their performing teeth there. It is wonderfully seedy so seedy that your glass sticks to the table, but then there is a right time and place for seedy and this is it. I expected it and therefore would have been disappointed if it had a sparkly and shiny corporate look. It wouldn't have suited it and attracted the wrong customer and driven away the right ones. I do wish some chain eateries etc would recognise this but if course they won't, they haven't got a clue really.
By the time we have walked through the market we are both shattered and catch the train home and relax in the garden.

What to do yesterday? Well it promises to be really hot and it is, thoughts of going up to town fade rapidly so its off to Westfield at White City. The day does not start well. We go out and the traffic is jammed solid, is it roadworks or an accident? We get an alternative bus which leads to another and may, just may get us around the problem... it doesn't. All the buses are diverted so off we get and walk to the station and enables me to inspect a sofa in a shop that I have coveted for ages. The fact that there is no way on earth I could afford it does not turn me off nor the fact that the cats would tear it to shreds as soon as your back was turned. So we stroll on to the station. A short wait and we are on our way with the air conditioning running full blast. Of course it is lovely and comfortable until that is we arrive at Shepherds Bush station and full heat of the day hits us as we alight. Phew my dears is not the word.
I am under instructions from madame to go to M&S to find an item which of course they do not have so am thence sent forth to the Ted Baker shop for an alternative which they do not have. later I requested to return to M&S where we do find an alternative. Thankfully using technology we manage to send her a picture to get confirmation.
One of our first ports of call is Boots, I need some Clinique makeup and various other pre-holiday sundries. While I am looking around the shelves I am approached by a young woman. Excuse me she says but I normally never talk to strangers or pass opinions. Oh dear I thought, ready to put the shutters up and ready myself for a slanging match when she says......... I just have to tell you that you look absolutely amazing ! To say I am gobsmacked is putting it mildly and can only mutter thank you with the sweetest smile I can muster and of course spend the rest of the day with a smug smile. Very naughty, two visits to Byrons for a their utterly delicious and highly addictive milkshakes and their attentive and above all friendly staff. The journey home is hot and sweaty, the air conditioning has not been cranked up enough and the bus is packed and we are exhausted but as I say a fab couple of days.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Finiished, finished

At last the kitchen is finished, finished, all the little jobs, the clearing up, the chucking out of expired food items blah, blah.
A quick flit yesterday, well for me, up town and left madame to wander, I was totally exhausted and came home and four hours sleep. Out like a light I went. Still it all looks fab and clean and bright Of course it shows up everything else. Bit like painting the Forth Bridge, start at one end and by the time you have finished its time to start again.

Stephanie over for two days today, I just cannot think of somewhere to go to do pictures today. Being Sunday and nice weather compounds the problem of course. Too many people about for a continuous session.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Holday shopping

Another successful shopping trip. Yesterday sees the kitchen almost finished at about 8am when madame asks if I would like to accompany her to Oxford Street so its down tools and out by 8.30. Straight to Primarni and a pair of el cheaperoonry, dare I say it, male shorts are followed by a pair of denim girlie ones plus a pair of white sandals. Now as you will find later Primarni sizing is total crapola. The denim shorts are a size 12 and fit like a dream. Thinking we are to be homeward bound I pop into Superdrug for some clear nail varnish. This magical elixir has proved a real nail saver. Well over 600 tiles stuck to the walls, ceilings and paintwork washed and painted and not a broken nail in sight. So much so that I am considering trimming them post girlie days on Sunday and Monday.
Aaaanyway I digress, nail varnish bought madame asks if I fancy a jaunt down to the Kurt Gieger shop in Covent Garden. It seems the flat shoes I was after a while ago are in the sale, £120 down to £39. So off we trot whereupon madame spots a pair of low heels and a rather cute bag to go with the flats she bought recently. Suitably weighed down we trek home only to find the sandals do not fit. Well they do and they dont. Everything is fine except the ankle strap is not long enough, in fact not long enough for madame who is at least a size smaller then me so they are marked for return. Back home its lunch and a quick nana nap in the garden and back to the grouting and excess grout removing.
Up with the lark again this morning to get the last of the excess grout off and to wash the inside of a cupboard then paint it. As I am painting the last door madame appears and I say when I've finished I'll go with her to return the sandals. We get to Primarni about 9.00am and she returns the sandals while I have a mooch around. Well by the time we finish I have a new frock in a 16, a long white top and a long legged multi-coloured playsuit in a 16. See what I mean about sizing?. We stagger out with our collective purchases and into M&S where I need two pairs of, ahem, dangly bits flattening knickers. These bought we drop into Pret for a late breakfast, well late for me that is, as it is about 10am. Post face stuffing madame returns to Primarni while I elect for a stroll around Selfridges. We are soon homeward bound and post liquid refreshment on our way to Brent Cross where I manage to find a nice pair of sandals in M&S, £19.50 down to £12. So that is two pairs of shorts, a long white top, sandals, playsuit, frock, knickers all for around £50 and holiday shopping complete !!


After two girlie days last Friday and Saturday with Stephanie its yet another one on Sunday, a BBQ at Peter and Sarah's. Unfortunately we are sans Dolenta but Andy is there with his cousin Stephanie, yes another one. Pierre comes with his partner Julia and to our delight makeup artiste and hairdresser to the stars of screen and TV Mark arrives. I have lovely chats with Sarah who bolsters my confidence no end when she says I am one of the most convincing girls she knows. Aaaanway we all have a lovely afternoon/evening getting home about 11.30 and they only live a couple of miles away. Whether we do or not remains to be seen but we get an invite to stay with Pierre and Julia in their recently purchased 8 hectare mini estate near Lincoln :-)

Stephanie asks us if we would like to go to Palma in September. Dolenta will be visiting her mother there and her, Andy and Steph are going so by Monday morning the credit card is glowing having booked hotel and flights.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Not quite tea at the Ritz

A day out with Stephanie. We get the bus to Oxford Street and change to another route that takes us to The Strand, through the back streets to Charles Fox. Supplies purchased we stroll through Covent Garden and take an early lunch at Pizza Express in Bow Street. Sufficiently stuffed we continue our stroll to Seven dials and into Mercer Street where Stephanie buys a pair of shoes in Poste Mistress and some concealer in Screen Face then we stroll into Soho, along Brewer Street to Regent Street on then into Bond Street. We take a look around Fenwicks who have some amazing hats and frocks. We cross and go down Conduit Street for a look round Vivienne Westwood then into Bruton Street. By now the sun is really hot and we need liquid refeshment. Where to go? I know let's push the boat out as far as it can go, Claridges. Oh yes we do. In we go and are directed to the cocktail bar and a totally delish Blood and sans Alcohol. A very pleasant hour passed we make our way home. Well if you are going to do it, do it in style.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Speedy Gonzales

Well what a day! Up at the crack of dawn and the ceiling and paintwork washed, ceiling painted, twice, all before 10.00 am!
A nice stroll and coffee in Brent Cross and back for lunch. Post lunch sees 75% of the painting done, just three cupboard doors left to do, talk about bish, bash, bosh, loadsamoney ! A new sport, extreme decorating, well what with all this lovely weather and its resultant heat the last week or so has resulted in.... nude decorating LOL Well it keeps you a bit cooler :-)

Monday, 8 July 2013


Well the decorating has started again. Early start before the heat. Wallpaper off by 9.00am then with the sun streaming its heat... I stopped. Ceiling tomorrow and wash the paintwork, paint ceiling and woodwork Wednesday, start tiles Thursday then three girlie days, Friday and Saturday Stephanie will be here so we are off out then Sunday is Peters BBQ. So the remaining tiling will have to wait until Monday.
Popped to Brent Cross today as we needed olives as only Waitrose know how and I have a need for a long sleeve thin white cardigan. Now you would imagine that a fairly simple couple of tasks to complete but oh no. For a start Waitrose had virtulally run out of olives, well loose ones so I left there emptyhanded so that left the cardigan. Well the long and short of it I couldn't find one of those either. Well I could if I wanted to pay over £50 otherwise nothing. One or three short or 3/4 sleeve ones, long sleeve heavy ones but not the sort I wanted. I trooped round John Lewis, M&S, Zara, Fenwicks and Gap, nothing. Bah!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Frolicking midsummer LAM

Another en femme day. Off to see Penny and Natacha at the LAM at Revolution in America Square. Surprisingly a fair few turn up considering its lush weather and Wimbledon mens final day, perhaps fetish people are not sun or sport worshipers. Aaaanyway a lovely way to spend an afternoon taking lunch and gossiping. The highlight had to be, whilst talking to D was to have Mistress Absolute come up behind me snuggle close and grope my behind. Quite delightful.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

A trip out

Up with the lark, feed cats, other household duties, have breakfast, exercise then I have to get ready. A trip out today. Shower and a full shave, pluck eyebrows well its another femme day out tomorrow as well :-) So I get the slap on and I'm off out by 9.00. Get the bus and off at Selfridges. I just have to go through the food hall every time I go there, its not just the sights but the smells, quite, quite mouthwatering. Aaaaanyway its downstairs for madame's Nespresso capsules then off for a wander. Perfumery then ladies fashions and of course the shoe department then downstairs and out through Miss Selfridge into Duke Street
As I approach St Christopher's Place a Big Issue vendor enquired 'if the beautiful woman' would like a copy, I decline gracefully and have a little giggle to myself. Its then into the heat of Oxford Street. Phew it really is hot as I dive into the relative cool of John Lewis. I need a hook, a little hook to hang a calendar on in the kitchen. Seeing how it appears the clientele of John Lewis no longer indulge in DIY the department has shrunk to miniscule proportions. Where else I ask myself? Ah curtains and trimmings, net curtain hooks of course. The last of the big spenders gets a pack for a whole 75p.
Right I am dying of thirst and time for a fresh experience. Of course I have eaten out before but always in company. Now trays and I have a hate, hate relationship I hate carrying them and they take exception to me using them. Things slide all over the place and I always over compensate when objects start to slide but on this occasion everything is fine. I take my lemonade and my extremely naughty fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam to a table where I can be queen of all I survey.
As an aside I notice that that the Bistro is offering a Coronation Tea in July in collaboration with Gizzi Erkine. Ah how times change. I remember the Honourable Grizelda, for that is what she is, when she was a piercer of flesh at Cold Steel in Camden while studying at Pru Leith's cookery school. Aaaanyway I digress, in all the time I am there I don't even get a raised eyebrow, nothing. Two young ladies sit next to me and have the barefaced cheek to be slender and devour a wholemeal bun with bacon, sausage and a fried egg! Its more than I can stand so its time to go. A quick look around the photo department and its down the escalator and back into the heat.
I stroll along Oxford Street without a care in world which passes me by totally oblivious to this aging tranny. Back into the cool that is Selfridges and out the other side that is Baker Street, a quick scan around M&S and the bus home for lunch. I would have stayed out for lunch but that would have left madame without a lunchtime companion, yes I'm good like that. So its home and swiftly into a bikini and into the garden.

Mechanical or digital?

So I get on my Wii today and it said I had put on less than a pound. Odd I thought. So I do the body check again and now it says I have put on a pound! Without moving?! Still not satisfied I go upstairs and hop on the mechanical scales, ah the same weight as last time, so I have neither gained or lost. Idiot machine.

Friday, 5 July 2013


At last the kitchen is finished ! Thank god for that. Trip to Brent Cross today with madame and got a nice Kalico frock in the John Lewis clearance which we are going to share :-)
Off to Selfridges tomorrow to get madame her Nespresso decaffinated coffee while she slobs in front of the TV watching Saturday Kitchen while I'm out in the new frock.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Never satisfied

It really amuses me, if we get spotted while we are out then we are disappointed and then if we aren't spotted we are just as disappointed !
A trip to Brent Cross today and I got hardly a look let alone clocked. The nice assistant in Fenwicks who knows me said I was looking lovely which pleased me no end.
So many nice frocks in the sales including a couple of Ted Baker's which I've had my eye on for quite some time but no, not worth it, still a few more pounds to go before I can buy anything new and anyway there are so many frocks I already have that will be wearable once more. My main problem is wardrobe space. Buy another I hear you say , well I could but I have nowhere to put it. If only you knew how much wardrobe space we have and its all rammed tight. So tight that things get lost in there. Well you know how it is, you have so much stuff you can't remember every single item, you extricate something and it reveals something you have completely forgotten you had, so you rearrange everything and stuff that gets put to the back gets forgotten and the whole cycle starts again.