Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pubbing it

Ah well all back to normal sadly. A trip out today to see an ex work friend. An excellent pub lunch where my friends son is the chef and four hours gossiping. Ooo I love a good gossip. For a pub outside London I caused hardly a stir, indeed the staff were fabulous, not even a raised eyebrow although I wonder what was said after we left.... :-)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Post holiday blues

Well we are returned from sunny Bournemouth, a quite enjoyable week altogether. The new car behaved itself perfectly with some stunning mpg ! Of course with the Freedom pass we hardly used the car at all whilst we were there.

Highlight of the week had to be our meal at The Amalfi totally yummy. Low point had to be the journey down there, rain, by god did it rain. torrential was the only word for it but it only lasted a short but frightening while and luckily after we had disposed of the motorway.

So many purchases too, frocks, handbags and shoes all at bargain prices !!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Walking the walk

Oooo we didn't half walk the other day. Met a friend outside Primarni 'bout 11.30, we strolled through and came out again. Down North Audley Street, popped into Stabucks for a drink then down to Grosvenor Sq then down South Audley Street. Left into Curzon St, right into Half Moon St, across Piccadilly, across Green Park, across the Mall across St James's Park, had a sit down for a chat. Across Birdcage Walk, into Queen Anne's Gate, into Broadway along Victoria St to Parliament Sq, across Westminster Bridge, into Belvedere Rd which runs behind the embankment into Jublilee Gardens onto the Embankment, under Waterloo Bridge and got a sandwich in Eat on the South Bank. Along the South Bank to Tooley St, through Hays Wharf and back on the Embankment to past Tower Bridge, through the wiggly bits to Clink St and stopped at Shad Thames. Stopped for an ice cream and back to Waterloo Bridge, across Waterloo Bridge, along the Strand and up into Covent Garden. Through there to King St and got a drink in Tesco's then into St Martins Lane up to Long Acre and into Charing Cross Rd. Crossed the road into Little Newport St and up to Shaftesbury Avenue, across there into Soho up Frith St and along Old Compton St, crossed Wardour St and along Brewer St then into Sherwood St and across Golden Sq, along Beak St, across and up Regent's St into Conduit St, across Bond St and into Berkeley Sq, surprised Stephanie at work then up the square into Davies St, into Brook St and then Duke St to Oxford St. Into Selfridges for relief, along Oxford St. I left her at Primarni and she went to get her bus home and I popped into Primarni and got two long vests which make ridiculously short size 14 frocks, one yellow and one deep pink at £3 each ! Then I waited ages for a bus and home around 8.15. That's around 9-10 miles that is.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blow out on Farcebuck

Well off we set yesterday evening full of dread of rush-hour traffic only to find it localised which was a bonus. Joined the biggest car park in the world, the M25, and to our delight it was free flowing. So off we zoomed to see friends on Canvey Island. Yes I know my dears but someone has to live there. Don't they?

Excellent meal but all far too rich for a girl like me. The sort of food you just don't want to stop stuffing your face with, but I did, stop that is, before it was too late, just. Our new little brmm, brmm behaved herself perfectly, thankfully. Aaaanyway I'm considering returning to Facebuck, well it's not my desire but supposedly more than one person is missing my presence. Do I or don't I? Mmmmmmmmmm, we shall see.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The importance of a title

It is possible in this day and age for the much maligned shop assistant to get it right. On a visit to Halfords on Sunday I ordered a set of car mats. Upon collecting them today I noticed that the assistant had ordered them for collection by Miss, not Mr in drag, not Mr, not Mrs but Miss. All power to you young man, I salute you.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Well I've been and gorn and dun it. Forty odd years of being a Ford driver and now the owner of a Fiat 500 and only 14 miles on the clock...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bloody Olympics

So not only are we 'encouraged' to avoid using our own transport system, you know the one WE pay for but now we have no-go areas for those who live here.

Want to shop in Westfield Stratford? Well some would, if they could, but it seems unless you are staff or have a ticket to an Olympic event you are barred on Friday and Saturday

So any criticism of the Olympics is actively and rigourously verboten and now we are told where and when we can go out !