Monday, 14 March 2016

Here we go again

Time slips by and updates get forgotten such a naughty girl. Well I'm always out and about and never get time.
We have our holiday booked for September, off to Mallorca again and the same apartment. This time we have Dolenta and Andy and Mark and Philip our friends from Brighton who we are to see in a couple of weeks.
Have had a disaster on the computer front. The hard drive on my iMac is failing, luckily I have a largeish drive so I managed to partition it and and am booting up from that, thank goodness I back stuff up. Then of all things Madame's computer failed, couldn't find the hard drive but luckily after taking it in to the Apple Shop it was just the wire connecting the drive to the main board and not the drive itself.
The week before last I managed  5 days out of six dressed which was amazing out here there and everywhere even the visits to the Apple Shop were en femme.
On the sixth we were off to the London Alternative Market but a little Billy no mates as our friends were all unable to attend but we had a lovely day and so good to catch up with Mistress Caramel.
It looks like I shall have quite of string of days to myself from Wednesday as Madame is off to her friends on Canvey Island frock making although I might get roped in spending the weekend there.