Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hectic life

Goodness nothing since the 4th Jan, two weeks. So busy, things to do, places to go, people to see etc, etc, quite how I used to fit work into my schedule I'll never know. Soooo my dears whats-a-bin-happening? One of my grandsons tells Madame that he wants to buy me some nice makeup for Xmas, how cool was that? So I settle for a new Mac Lady Danger lipstick :-)

So there I am chatting to my son, who while not opposed to having a t-girl for a father is not that impressed, until that is he prefers me to wear a frock than wear a bum bag! What on earth is wrong with a bum bag, it contains you money, tickets and a phone, in fact the male equivalent of a handbag.

A lovely post NYE evening with Clare and Conrad with much naughty off diet food. The first Sunday of the year we take ourselves off to the LAM and meet up with Penny and Natacha. No Sarah and Russell who are unfortunately suffering with colds. Madame buys herself a nice leather skirt from Vicky and very nice it is too. Luckily I don't buy anything as I manage to find some bargains the following week ;-)

The following Sunday we are to the LFF and meet up with Russell, Sarah is off somewhere else as are Penny and Natacha which is a shame. I find the reason for the closure of Club Colleseum, they are knocking it down to build the new American embassy ! So many clubs disappearing :-(

We take a trip to Oxford Street in the week and take in the delights of the fashion department in Selfridges and find some amazing shoes in the shoe department by zaha-hadid and have a lovely chat with the assistant.

A trip to M&S at Brent Cross today brings a couple of bargains, a black Autograph frock I had been eyeing for some time, £65 down to £29.99 and a Reiss frock in John Lewis I have been desperate for at over £100 off !! Odd though they both fit perfectly, one in a size 12 and one in a 14 !

Saturday, 4 January 2014


So here we are post New Year. Xmas and its latter celebrations were exhausting. The wind up to Christmas was not too bad as we food shopped early in the day to avoid the pushing and shoving. A mere ten to lunch xmas day so the turkey got cooked xmas eve. Madame and I opened our presents prior to any arrivals....

Plus an Elliot Rhodes belt and Ted Baker handbag!

Lunch and washing up out of the way and it was time to get the glad rags on and off just out of London to a friends, just nine of us in all. Silly games ensued and much naughty food was consumed.

Got home around 10 am Boxing day morning and straight into lunch preparations for twelve today! With that out of the way the daughter decided that the flu symptoms had got too bad and up the hospital madame went. Luckily they saw her quickly and sent her home with antibiotics and within two or three days she had recovered.

Met up with an ex work colleague during the week for lunch so much gossiping and merriment ensued. A couple of visits to Brent Cross one of which resulted in finding a bargain in Lipsy. As an aquaintance once said... I love Lipsy but would it love me back? Well this one does......

New Years eve brought a nice surprise. All prepared for a quiet night in a late afternoon text from a friend resulted in a trip out to Dolenta's and saw us getting home at 10am New Years Day. I had no sleep at all, 30 hours of it. Peter and Sarah were there, Dolenta got Peter plastered and he went to bed at about 12.30 am in the bed we were to use. Sarah moved him to Dolenta's bed. Dolenta then went to her own bed about 3 am with Peter in it then unbeknown to us he went to the loo and got back into the original bed but he didn't know that madame was in it ! We only found that when Andy went to go to bed about 4.00. Sara and I were going to have the double lilo but decided that 2 or three hours sleep was going to do more harm than good so sat up and chatted and did the washing up !

Not content with all this gadding about the day after New Years Day we are off out again to see friends. More very naughty food and convivial chats sees us in bed at 1.30 am ! My goodness we need a holiday to get some rest.