Monday, 16 December 2013

Friday sees Stephanie and I off to Tate Britain again to see what we have missed. Neither of us is that impressed with the more modern exhibits but we spend are delightful couple of hours wandering and I am rather taken by this....

We catch a bus back to Trafalgar Square and take lunch then its over to the National Gallery. By the end of the day we are culture satiated.
Sunday madame and I are off to an xmas gathering with friends, a pub in Bermondsey, Simon the Tanner. Nine of us stuff ourselves silly with excellent food and a most enjoyable afternoon it was.
Today was photo day.........

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Sunday sees madame and I off to the London Fetish Fair in deepest Vauxhall. Not been to the LFF for some considerable time, its a new venue and parking is at a premium so we show up early and snatch a space. We manage to get in early, stands still being set up. We say our hello's and have a wander. Oh dear corsets hove into view and madame is off and running and trying one on. Her mind almost made up we find a seat and refreshment and settle down for a gossip with Anita and Spike. Madame goes on a wander and the next thing I know she arrives in a Velda Lauder corset which is rather splendid. With the passing of Velda two of the girls are selling off the remaining stock. Madame parades round and soaks up the compliments then disappears only to reappear in another, an underbust in black and white stripe. Needless to say both get purchased.
On one of my excursions I slip out for a quiet smoke and get into conversation with what turns out to be a tranny pornstar who has been working in L.A. ! Well what an interesting life mine is LOL. As the Velda girls are only taking cash madame has to go in search of a cash machine, the local Sainsbury's in Wandsworth Road and while there manages to get us some lunch as the venue does not do food :-(
We take our leave around 5.00 and are homeward bound, a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Monday of course has to be photo day, well there is last weeks purchase, the yellow frock and I have to try on madame's new corsets ;-)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tuesday, Wednesday

Tuesday sees Stephanie and I off out and about. No photo's this week. A little snack in M&S and off to Selfridges, a peruse of the Lulu Guinness handbags, Karen Millen and Ted Baker and into Oxford Street and a bus down to Oxford Circus, cut through into Great Marlborough Street and into Liberties. I haven't been there for simply ages. It was the programme on Channel 4 that reminded me. Aaaaanyway we peruse the ground floor then the first and second floors which while interesting didn't exactly fill us with desire.
We depart and go to John Lewis for a wander and meet up with madame in the shoe department. A little chat and we part company Stephanie and I intending to be very brave and go to Primark which we know will be sooo rammed but when we arrive we change our mind and its homeward bound, the remains of Stephanie's cold getting the better of her.
Wednesday and we are off to Westfield at White City, madame and our daughter have already departed to Westfield at Stratford. We arrive and have a quick snack in M&S then wander. We find a lovely assistant in Dior and we both ooze over a fabulous red day frock at a mere £2,500. Miu-Miu have a wonderful black coat but knowing how far it will be out of my price range I don't bother to enquire. We take a light lunch on Byron's and get our usual chatty waiter. We take out leave around 3.30 which puts us just ahead of school chucking out time. As we exit the station I hear... oh no not you, it is madame and daughter who have arrived back from the opposite direction at the same time !

Monday, 2 December 2013

How delightful

Well a fab few hours at the LAM yesterday. Met up with Penny and Natacha, Russell and Sarah, nice late breakfast in Pret and a shared pizza in Revolution later. Nice to see loads of people and even nicer to be the one providing a gobsmacking moment when I tried on a fabulous bright yellow halter neck latex frock, (pictures later). I must admit it was the response from the crowd that decided me to actually buy it. I've neve had sooo many compliments !!! Madame looked stunning in her red plaid kilt and matching corset so the infamous pair are back with a bang!
Sad to hear the latest rumor that Club Colosseum in Nine Elms could be closing so they can provide even more flats that no one can afford. What will happen to Pedestal then one asks. So many of the larger clubs closing for redevelopment is making this a sad city. Ministry of Sound, Pulse, S.E. One, Mass,to name but a few.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Rest of the week

Tuesday sees madame and I Oxford Street bound. A quick visit to Primarni for some xmas presents and I pick up a pair of very tight black shiny trousers and a visit to Superdrug for some makeup for me then onto Pret for a lateish breakfast. We then wander M&S seeking ideas for xmas presents for madame to no avail. A usual trawl of Selfridges returns the same result. Things are either too expensive or are totally wrong. Ah well I do have a short list of things.
A midweek trawl of Brent Cross turns up nothing but its a few hours out and about.
Its the LAM tomorrow and we will get to meet up with the delicious Penny and Natacha, hopefully Sarah and Russell will be there too. To be able to get two more days dressed results in picture taking this morning.....

Two days

Two days of out and about with Stephanie. Sunday sees us off to Tate Britain somewhere I had not been for a while. The last time they were part way through the refurbishment so it was much improved. A thoroughly enjoyable few hours were spent wandering although we did think that it should be renamed the J M W Turner appreciation society. Of course I know that they are the recipients of the Turner bequest but it is Turner overload and I am not THAT much of a fan especially of his later works. Thankfully there are many others examples to take our attention. Art philistine I may be but many examples of modern art leave me cold. Aaaanyway after much wandering hunger drives us forth into the cold and drafty Millbank and into Pizza Express.
We walk to Parliament Square and do a few pictures then hop a bus up to Oxford Street and Selfridges. Stephanie wants to buy some upmarket makeup! In we go only to have to join a queue for the ladies, why oh why does it take women sooo long! One of the very few advantages of maleness, in, out and away LOL. Aaaaanyway we make our way to Chanel and a lovely young lady helps Stephanie, she tries a few different lipsticks on her and she buys two plus a lipliner and brush and we exit Stephanie quite a bit poorer but a very happy lady. Its then time for home and dinner.
Monday is photo day and thence a trip to Brent Cross. As we are both a tad poor its just a wander although we are severely tempted by items in Lipsy. I have to take Stephanie home as madame and I are out to dinner that night.
Ah the delights of the Holloway Road, we manage to park and walk to the restaurant, a Thai establishment which it turns out is rather nice, everything freshly cooked. Its the daughter-in-laws birthday so there is quite a crowd of us, sixteen in all so the staff are well pleased so many on a Monday night, I bet he has never had so many people.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

How many ?

Photo day and a photo day with avengance ! A mere 5 hours, seventeen outfits and over 700 pictures !
So many things that are back, so many that fit.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Joy of joys

Well it would be a shame to have wasted the nail polish so a photo session today and.......... oh wonders of wonders a particular outfit fits again if rather snugly. It must have been around 15 odd years ago when we first embarked on our fetish journey and we visited an emporium in Camden Market now long gone called F.U. Baby selling Murray and Verne and you can see madame talking to Tatiana in the shop. Amongst our purchases was a skirt and top which haven't fitted for many, many years and they do now!!