Thursday, 24 May 2012

Well that was a busy day. Pick up Stephanie,  back home and into the photoshoot, some four outfit changes and 900 odd pictures later a spot of lunch and off out. A spankingly fabulous day out there, terrible for picture taking, so much sun and so many people my dears Aaaanyway the Hill Gardens, one of our favourite haunts beckoned where we managed another three hundred and eighty odd shots we repair to the Bull and Bush for a well earned drinkie.
Why is it we can go to places like that and not have any problems whatsoever, well so far. We are more or less ignored.  It was more or less the same as we call into Tesco's on the way back home. Sure we get 'spotted' but no problems. I am sure it is our collective confidence, look the world in the eye, treat whatever we are doing as an everyday occurrence and don't dress like an itinerant tranny.

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