Thursday, 5 July 2012

I really must try to post more often. So where did we get to? To put things in chronological order would be pointless so..... I won't.

What have we been up to, ooo visits to Camden shopping you name it my dears, we do it. The other week a little adventure alone, the weekly shop. Something I'd never done before. Off I go, park the car and wiggle my way across the car park, pick up my trolley and into my local Tesco. Yes lovelies, my local one, the one I use every week where I am well known. Oh it was fabulous trolling around selecting my groceries, the most anxious part was taking pictures of myself doing it in case "it was against the rules". From there a stroll around my local shopping centre.

Last weekend was a trip to Camden Market. So many things we could have bought if either of us could have afforded it. So many delicious frocks, still its the strolling around en femme that provides us with the most enjoyment. A little light lunch and we stroll up to Regent's Park. A lovely early summer day with a light breeze as we walk the total width of the park and catch the bus home and dinner.

A journey by the wife to Oxford Street during the week results in a frock for me !!! What a fabulous girlie she is. We take a trip to Brent Cross two days later and there I see it. It calls to me, the Ted Baker frock Stephanie and I have coveted for months and its in the sale !! Needless to say I cannot afford it, but buy it. Now do I return them or one, or keep both. Traditional tranny dress has long since been rejected except for "special" occasions and photo sessions. Smart dress is much more the order of the day.

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