Friday, 27 July 2012

Kwick fitting a DynoRod at the Olympics

Well an eventful week. Order two tyres to be fitted by Kwick-Fit and they arrive, great except they send the wrong size. Luckily they come the next day with the right tyres and we are mobile again. On the upside the man from DynoRod arrives, unblocks the drain and because they are part of the same company as British Gas I get it done for free !!!

Why is it I am so disinterested in these running and jumping shenanegans? Well as with many modern things everybody and everything is sunny and bright until........ you either criticise or do not show fanaticism. I would be quite happy to let these proceedings pass me by without a care or thought but to have it rammed down my throat constantly and be included as a fervoured supporter. I am not, I don't care who wins or loses. Got it.

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