Saturday, 2 February 2013

How nice, how very nice

Well how very nice the last two days have been. Thursday off we set, Stephanie and I, to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. A totally delightful few hours soaking up the culture. Herds of little school gnomes in their conga lines dashing here and there with their escorts desperate not to lose any on the way.

How many times do we get 'spotted'? Oh loads and we love it. We usually find its not so much disapproval as shock. The OMG its a bloke in a frock. This is usually followed by fascination. It is so amusing to us to see how obvious people are, the nudging of their companion to look, the whispering. Sorry folks but you might as well shout, it is that obvious to us.
Brimming over with culture we decise its is lunchtime. Aaaaanyway finding the restaurant in the National is as expensive as we imagined we stroll up Charing Cross Road towards Leicester Square in search of lunch. After dismissing one eatery who offered us a measly £1 off their overpriced fare we were seduced into another by a rather attractive young lady. Suitably refreshed we returned to take in the National Portrait Gallery spending even longer in there, in fact we find that by the time we weave our way back to Charing Cross Station its four o'clock!

Friday see us trolling around Brent Cross frightening the locals. The assistant in Hobbs rather likes my new yellow jacket and we have a lovely chat with two lady assistants in Fenwicks about Monet jewellery and where I got the jacket! How lovely it is to have these chats, perfectly ordinary girlie chats about girlie things, wonderful. Then off to Waitrose for stuff for dinner where again we seem to draw attention while we are waiting to pay and again the jacket draws an appreciative comment fro the lady on the 'till. I love yellow she says, its my favourite colour, just like summer. I would dearly love to know what is going through their minds, men in the main seem afraid that it might be catching or they might be seen to be looking while women are more... fascinated. Fascinated about what I have no idea. Is it us? Is it because we are out and about? Is it because we treat it as 'normal' and do not shy away from the staring and attention? Ooooo I'd love to know.

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