Monday, 28 January 2013

Well all that snow has been and gone. Strange isn't it how one's love affair with the prettiness of snow disappears when you have to go out in it especially when its pristine whiteness has gone. Aaaanyway a lovely trip to Westfield White city last week. We have decided that this is out favourite with Stratford being to pushy and shovey for our liking. Don't get me wrong but there is a difference between things being comfortably busy and packed, plus of course the shops are that little bit nicer. Very little was bought, just a little Olay and a foundation spreader. No not a trowel, a sponge LOL.

Upon arrival we selected a rather nice little coffee and bunnery and indulged in hot chocolate with whipped cream, mmmmm, even if the whipped cream came from a squirty can. Going along a deserted aisle we espyed a policeman, as I said to Stephanie, if this was 30 years ago we could have been arrested for this ! Talking of Stephanie she was tempted by shoes that naughty girl, black suede, although we both were in heaven after seeing a pair of suede black and gold heels in Miu-Miu but well out of our price range :-(

So a stroll round and lunch in Byron's and then suitably refreshed we take in a multitude of things we cannot afford. As I have said, I don't mind things that are far out of reach pricewise, it doesn't worry me in the slightest its the things that are just out of reach that get to me.

So my partner and I need to go up to town, off we trot. She needs some dressmaking accoutrements and I some loose powder. A nice breakfast repast in Marks and Spencer and quick stroll through Selfridges and then down to Charles Fox in Covent Garden. A nice chat with the girls about foundation and powder bought its back to Oxford Street and Morplan in Great Titchfield Street only just before we get there madame realises she hasn't bought her student discount card with her! So home we go but not before she has to have a pair of Ugg ear muffs in John Lewis!

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