Saturday, 24 May 2014

Too good to be true?

Photo day yesterday with Stephanie then a trip to Brent Cross. I managed not to spend thank goodness. Madame had gone out in the morning to return the hairy shrugigan and her trousers to M&S. Well I had received a 20% off voucher so the items were returned and bought again. Aaaanyway off we troop to Brent Cross, a wander not finding anything in particular that caught our collective eye. A fabulously cute short item in Lipsy did however until I saw that it was a playsuit which wouldn't have, suited me that is. The manageress of the shop however spotted that I was wearing one their frocks. A wander round John Lewis and there behind the Estee Lauder counter is Sarah. Many is the time I have been there and she hasn't so it seemed an ideal time to introduce her to Ann. It took her a while and she was delighted to meet Ann, "what a surprise" she said and "a lovely surprise" and we had a lovely long conversation and I got two kisses too, something I never get in male mode.
We return home and madame is about to go out again. When you take Stephanie home she says will you collect my prescription, take it round to Mr Patel (our local chemist). I look at Steph, she looks at me. I am shocked. She is sending me, dressed, to the local shops ! Madame leaves, I say to Steph she did say get my prescription didn't she? She did say Mr Patel didn't she? Yes says Steph. Oh well. Sooo I take Steph home and call in and Brent Cross to see Sarah again just to say that it is ok to mention she had seen me dressed when I see her again in the company of madame but she had gone home :-(. So then its the chemists. Well what a surprise there! Everyone soo nice and soo many compliments too !

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