Tuesday, 21 August 2018


So a word of warning. I received a letter on Saturday from the Clydesdale Bank asking me to activate a Gold Credit Card. Mmmm, that is odd I mused, I haven't appplied for one. So Monday I paid a visit to their only London branch. It appears someone had tried to apply for a card in my name. They had the correct name, address and oddly enough the right date of birth but the phone numbers didn't tally thankfully.
The nice young man not fazed at all by me in drag deleted the application and we were on our way.
We wandered Kensington High Street, oh my how the mighty are fallen my dears. Not a patch on years past. We wandered into Kensington Palace Gardens and were totally underwhelmed but then again it is only an extension of Hyde Park which is one the more desolate Royal parks. We did however strike up a conversation with two heavily armed policemen outside the Israeli embassy.
Taking a little break we sat on a bench next to a devastatingly lovely young lady. Now I am not adverse to the odd selfie or ten but almost always seek to make this a solitary pastime. She however, was popping off snaps like they were going out of fashion.
So underwhelmed we hopped a bus to Westfield Shopping Centre at White City for lunch as we had agreed to disagree over where to lunch in Kensington, my partrner not favouring french style cusine.

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  1. I'm afraid Kensington High St has been a disappointing place to shop for quite a number of years. Definitely not what it used to be. Sue x