Thursday, 9 August 2018

A grand day out

Out nearly every day this week. Had one of our grand-daughters birthday BBQ on Sunday so had assorted family members and hangers on decend upon us. About 20 at one point. It all went rather well thankfully.

Monday was just a shopping trip. Tried a new Lidl, not impressed. It is easy to see why they are cheaper, odd brands, virtually no choice. Mmmm I shall only return if I am forced to.

Tuesday a quick trip to Brent Cross but it is being out and about that is important.

Wednesday a grand day out to take in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. Obviously with so much to see there are things you love and things you wouldn't give house room to. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed it. Madame got chatting to a woman that said he looked as she should be on the wall with her colourful outfit and tattoos. One of the security staff asked if she could take a picture of both of us as well.

What passes as news these days

Sums up the Summer Exhibition

 The bits John Constable left out

Pictures within pictures

I don't know which I prefer these people in the picture or the object

 I would love this at home to bring a smile to my face everyday

No words needed 

One of madames faves

and another


Madames total fave

Carpet Bear


 Grayson Perry

I would love a house large enough to hang this in

I need this in my life

Yes it is a video and my particular fave 

Well the hot weather seems to have broken, I don't know if I am glad or sad. Yes we will not cook indoors and be unable to sleep but then again it is nice not to have to wrap up when one goes out. Oh well it will be back to wearing underwear I suppose ;-)

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  1. I was thinking of going to the RA Summer Exhibition. Thanks to your overview, I don't think I need to! Sue x