Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In no particular order

So whats-a-bin-happenin'. Saturday night saw us off to The Magic Theatre in deepest darkest sarf Lundun innit. A slightly lower attendance than usual but a good sized crowd. I do wish the DJ was better and knew at least something about sound levels. Nothing sounds good when its so high you get distortion and I suppose they think its the average age of the punters but old cheesy pop is not my thing. The band were good once they had warmed up and yes I did like their style of music. With the odd exception the costumes were below par, it really is amazing how some people think they look good in a mish mash of tat.
Our journey there was, shall we say, fraught. Roadworks and closures made our through London 13 mile journey take two hours and the journey home via a different route, well past midnight, take over an hour as we got caught up in the traffic mahem caused by the Lambeth illegal rave that saw us stationary as seven police riot vans went sailing past. All in all we got to bed about 3.00 a.m.

Sunday was London Alternative Market day, so after three and a half hours sleep I was up and about, just. Suprise of the day, although I didn't know it at the time was two totally delightful maids. One trans and one female. After complimenting them they told me that they had them made and were considering getting more done and selling them but were unsure of their market and pricing. The next day I saw, on Farcebook a picture of the two outfits on mannequins, they had been made by a friend Andy of Stichin' Business, what a coincidence !
Chatting with David, who runs the market he asked if I had been shopping recently which begged me to say, why? Apparently he had people phoning him from America asking why I hadn't been posting about my shopping trips on Farcebook and how only David could know anyone called Ann Drogyny! So not only London fame but international fame!

Oh yes in a previous post I said I'd got new boots.......

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