Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Well here we are, the end of July. Where does the time go?

Lovely weekend spent with two friends at their annual BBQ, well not a BBQ as such. As it is a family affair it is rather lovely to be elevated from friends to family. No pictures I'm afraid as we forgot to take any. Too, too busy chatting.
As most had travelled a fair distance we had packed up by about seven pm and we were all in bed by 10.00. Oh my how the mighty are fallen.

The new glasses have to back for an adjust, just a sidgeon tighter, it is the weight of the frames just pulling them forward.

Desperately waiting to get paid, not that I'm broke but I do like a buffer. For only the second time I would rather like to go to the Royal Academy Summer exhibition. There are two or three pieces I'd really like to see in the flesh as it were.
The first and only time I have been was many years ago when I worked in F.E. and our manager took us on a 'team building' exercise. Yes of course it was, it was just a means of her getting in without having to pay for it.

Of course payday means makeup replenishment. Again I don't need it but I do like a buffer so if I have started my last tube/container then it is time to have a replacement waiting in the wings. I have found that cheap makeup is really a false economy. The last example of this being eyeliner pencils. I shall give the MAC pencil a try, rather pricey but I'll get used to it instead of cursing a £3.99 Rimmel pencil for breaking continuously.

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