Friday, 15 November 2013


Off to Westfield White City yesterday with madame. The overground is out of action so we elect to go by.... bus. Big mistake. Not only do we have to wait and wait, with the bus in sight because of traffic but it takes an age. A very popular bus route that to say it goes around the houses is no exaggeration. Not only do we get traffic just about everywhere but being popular it stops at nearly every stop! Ah the delights of Willesden and Harlesden, Acton and Shepherds Bush... not. So not only is it long and drawn out it is desperately boring and frustrating. Aaaaanyway we get there, eventually and a nice day ensues, a late, late breakfast and lunch. Biggest disappointment was Reiss, the three visions of loveliness that were there last time have gone to be replaced by.... men. We pop into Aspinalls and see three totally wonderful handbags. The Hepburn which is nice, the fabulous python and the absolute favourite embossed Brook Street but just a tad out of our price range. Of course it happens again, up comes the assistant who says, can I help you ladies! That is until I turn round LOL.
Madame gets herself one of the limited edition LBD's in H&M, not a shop we usually frequent but it is rather nice.
Thankfully the trains are mended and our journey home is vastly quicker.

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