Thursday, 5 June 2014

A celebration

Ah the nutter on the bus. But nice for all that. He was very disappointed as no one was at Speakers Corner today. Wanted white middle class women to run the world and repeatedly called me lady, how nice. Amongst his nuggets of information was the fact he had been banned from the Cuban Embassy as he had donated, over time, over 300 shopping trolleys of clothes and they got fed up with him. Slightly sad though as he tells me.. my wife WAS a wonderful woman...

So the reason for going out? The shorts I bought from Primark in Sefridges on Monday, in a size 12, were too big so I needed to change them for a size 10, soooo satisfying. So not only do they fit but they are tighter and shorter than the size twelve. Reeeesult. Of course being in celebratory mood I stopped off in the food department and bought something for lunch I have been promising myself for absolutely ages.
This is no ordinary sausage roll, this is more meat than pastry, this is Gloucestershire Old Spot, no pink splurge wrapped in acres of dry pastry here. Will I finish it? Well I did, but the mustard is not necessary I have to say and I really should have had something else with it, but apart from that delicious.

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