Sunday, 15 July 2018

Enough of work type stuff, although anecdotes may pop up here and there. Had a lovely holiday in Turkey this year, Marmaris, fake handbag centre of the Universe. Sure there were cheap and nasty knock off's but some shops and one in particular... oh yes. I only purchased one, a rather nice if small Chanel whilst madame got about six of various types.

I have to admit I thought I might encounter some problems but no. We had, for the first time, booked an all inclusive holiday and this did fill us with some trepidation as it may have meant non-acceptance from other 'guests' but no, all was tickety-boo. This may have had something to do with it being fairly early in the year and out of school holiday time.

All in all a fabulous holiday and just what we needed. Of course I picked this week to be the first week of giving up smoking would you believe.

Of course when we returned we got 'pulled' at customs on the way home.
Got anything to declare the man says.
No I don't drink
No I've just given up smoking
He smiled and waived us through.

As old age gallops up behind us we are less and less inclined to sit in the sun and cook gently although that said we do like it warm.

Lift off.

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