Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sent packing

Well that time is almost upon us. Out come the suitcases and the sorting of clothes. Yes its holiday time. It is all very well when one only has to pack for oneself but as I have to pack for him and her it all gets a bit fraught. As a bloke its simple, is it warm? Yes, well then t-shirts, shorts and trainers and he and his carrier bag are ready. Of course it now involves her as well. It's not just the amount but the difference between daytime and evening each requiring their separate outfits and one just cannot wear the same thing twice can one. Oh dear me no.
We do of course have all the little extras to include, the makeup, the hair and various other sundry items. It is not until one undertakes this sort of adventure the you realise how much room is taken up by things such as shoes. You just can't have one pair can you and the room that a handbag takes up is ridiculous. Thankfully having my time split between him and her will cut down on the outfits required and of course I do have advice close to hand, outfits she likes to see me in. Indeed it simplifies life and if she picks them then I might be able to squeeze more her time in than his. I have, needless to say, sneaked in a couple of things but as to whether they see the light of day let alone manage to escape the confines of our room is another matter.
All this presupposes that it all will fit and be within our weight allowance !

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