Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A pair too far

Well a quick whizz up town today. Madame needed to return something to Primark so off we set nice and early. Goods returned and nothing that took my fancy we exit and at her suggestion we go into Selfridges, big mistake. Up to the third floor and the denim sees me exiting with a pair of pale blue super high waisted super skinny jeans in a 14. If only my thighs had been a smidgeon smaller I could have squeezed myself into a 12. I spot a gorgeous pair of black jeans with scuffed white patches and pleated knees, a bit like motorcycle leathers but at £290 a ridiculous price and as for the totally scrumptious faux fur Joseph coat that I would sell my soul for at just shy of £2000 we leave with our ten pound purchase. LOL
We cross over into M&S for some knickers for me, definitely a size 12 this time except they don't have the ones I want in a 12 so its off down Oxford St to the Pantheon branch where they do, rah. So all the jeans I have will now a greatly smoother view ;-)

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