Sunday, 6 October 2013

Good, bad and indifferent

Madame and I went out last night, a comedy club in Camden. It was well, mmmm, good, bad and indifferent. Ask me who they acts were, dunno, some bloke off the telly who was good, Curtis Walker and the one before him was good but the last one oh dear. I 'spose if you found his type of humour funny then he was good but far, far too 'blokey' for my taste. From Newcastle and fitted the stereotype perfectly. Although one joke was funny because it was sooo true.
He comes to London and gets on the tube and on gets a transvestite dwarf. The gist of the joke is that he is the only one that looks at the dwarf and finds it strange, everyone else winds up looking at him staring at the t-girl dwarf. Yes we have, we have all seen it before, it is not entertaining but you and your attitudes my son are.
So what is about 'mainstream' venues that is so dire? Well to me that is. It is blokeyness, the need to get 'clever' to impress the girls and of course the pissheads. Of course this is not restricted to the blokes. Oh dear me no. As my daughter, who is one of the security at the venue says, the worst of all are the 'hen nights', in her words why are they sooo objectionable and they are, to a one.
We exit the club and wander down to Camden Town Station. It is an uneventful stroll and in the main everyone is ok but to see a guy being carried by his mates as he is so out of his head is sad. Its only just gone 10 and he has, to put it in the vernacular, stuffed his mates night out as they now have to take care of him. Perhaps they dumped him in a corner later, well if they had any sense they would.
But the legs, oh the legs, all those wonderfully short frocks totally delicious, tottering along in fabulously silly shoes, definitely my highlight of the evening.
Well we are off out again today. Its the London Alternative Market, meeting up with Penny and Natacha so that's a wonderfuly short frock for me and fabulously silly shoes.

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