Tuesday, 11 June 2013

All done

Well that was a mammoth task, reloading the website that is, took absolutely ages. Gone are all the older pictures and the videos. I really must now get down to doing pages for all those pictures I took for use as backgrounds.

Of course I do not wish to bore you all with constant updates about the diet but it is going rather well..... so far. Madame has lost 8lbs as of yesterday a.m. and as of today so have I. Amazing isn't it, I mean I've never eaten so much in my life ! We have not been large eaters either, just goes to show that we were not eating the right foods, just all the wrong ones. As for eating lunch well I've never been one for that, just a quick sandwich and that was that but I haven't eaten bread for four days, no spuds either, just a smidgeon of milk too.

Aaaanyway I can't sit here nattering all day, I've got the ironing to do, change the beds and the cleaning and a trip to Tesco's, oh my a woman's work is never done is it.

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