Sunday, 30 June 2013

Woo-hoo !!!!

Well I decided to do both. Pictures and go out and.... well of the five frocks that didn't used to fit.. four now do and the fifth fits but a little more weight needs to go so it looks right.
So 200 odd pictures done and me out the door by 10.30 not bad. Glorious weather so its down to Camden and a stroll round. By the time I have parked the car and walked down Chalk Farm Road I am ready to divest myself of the white cardigan and its tattoos out in my halter neck flowery frock.

It is just not possible to convey the feeling of being out en femme. Its not exciting, its not and never has been a turn on. The only way i can describe it is liberating that it feels natural to be who I wish I was and should have been.
Aaaaanyway I digress, much to my disappointment the gothic lolita japanese frocks are all still too small and always will be but it doesn't stop me looking. I did however find a nice little shop with two divine frocks. Both my favourite halter neck,one short and one more modest. It was the pattern that attracted me. Both with a white backgound and what i can only describe as very 80's type facial representations, very angular, quite delightful but a waste of time as is any purchase in the middle of a diet. Its no good buying that bit small as you never know where the weight is going to disappear from. Ah well.
I'm not sure which got more looks me or the tattoos LOL. Had a nice wander round CyberDog. Not been in there for ages, Stephanie and I never seem to venture in there mores the pity. I do wish shops that play music would put up a sign of what is playing. I'd love to have bought what was playing in CyberDog.
All too soon its homeward bound as lunch is beckoning and Camden has nothing for the diet concious. After lunch madame and I decide its sitting in the garden time so off with the frock and stockings and on with the pink swimming costume. My afternoon nana nap eludes me but no matter as the sun has got his bestest hat on and a nice breeze blows.

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