Friday, 28 June 2013

Simply ages

Oooo this tiling is taking simply ages, it not having enough room to swing a cat. Have to cut the tiles outdoors as the noise is unbearable too, so its in and out, in and out then there is the measuring and the pattern matching or should I say random placing which is more time consuming than pattern matching.
The son and wife came round yesterday afternoon as it was his birthday too but by then I was sooo tired I'd stopped work for the day. At least I didn't have to cook yesterday, just make salads although I did recover enough to do the ironing in the evening. These 50's style frocks and skirts are all very feminine and lush but oh my do they take an age to iron! So much material, but it is worth it.
Two days now without any pounds disappearing, just the one stone lost. Getting impatient again, I thought I'd be well on the way to the second stone gone ! I must admit I am enjoying the diet, all fresh food, none of this additive and half cooked stuff anymore and I do actually feel better for it. Of course it could be the weight loss or it could be a more healthy diet... or both.

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