Sunday, 16 June 2013

Excellent but disappointing

So a trip to Camden today, all togged up and off I went if a little dubious of the weather. Lovely as it was Camden, like everything else, has changed. It is sooo tourist orientated from the weekend only charges for the loo's to the things to buy. It really is just tat, well alright 95% tat.

The little shop selling Hell Bunny frocks has gone from next to Black Rose, The Collectif has nothing to tickle the fancy, perhaps I should try their Spitalfields branch, I would imagine their Covent Garden branch might, just might, seeing as its a little off the tourist map, have something new and mildly exciting.
The other shop with Hell Bunny frocks has not only shrunk in size, has changed their stock to a more tourist friendly collection. Oh its all so unexciting. Camden used to be exciting, interesting, amusing, now its just an alternative high street. Don't get me wrong its a nice enough for a wander of course, somewhere to while away a couple or three hours.

I got hardly a glance, its is quite amazing, people just pass you by. I don't know if that is good or bad. Do I want to be spotted or ignored, ignored is preferable I 'spose.

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