Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bah humbug!

Whether to believe the weather forecast or not. There I was itching to get out and about and what happens? The weather says, start nice then by lunchtime.... crap. So I decide not to go and do pictures instead. By lunchtime, when it is supposed go all go wrong the weather cheers up instead. Still a bit drafty but definitely not the cloud and rain forecast. Mmmm, ok Brent Cross it is. Well it was a lovely couple of hours trolling around, as I said previously thoughts of taking advantage of sales would be pointless what with the diet. Shame really as I saw so much I would have loved. Aaaanyway I leave Brent Cross to find the sun has definitely got his hat on and all is well with the world. Damn, I could have gone up town. Oooo it does annoy me, all this money poured down the bottomless pit of weather forecasting and they can't get it right a few hours in advance. I wouldn't mind but checking the forecast when I got back it showed what we were actually experiencing. We can all look out of the window and change things but weather people we really do plan things by your forecasts so try to get it right, occasionally.

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